Quotes from Demons in Disguise

A.E. Kirk ·  586 pages

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“Ayden saw me and his body slumped. “Oh, thank God.” “Please,” Matthias said. “I told you she’s too hard to kill.” “Aww,” I said. “Thank you.” Matthias offered me a sweet smile. “Just like a cockroach.”  ”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“I’d prefer a debriefing by the professional,” Matthias said. “Rather than one of the idiot’s exhausting, million-words-in-one-breath babbling explanations.” “Hey,” I said. “That is a rare talent.” “Maybe your only talent.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“Like Harry Potter’s cape?” I said. “Yes.” Matthias’s grey eyes gave me a flat look, his voice heavy on the sarcasm. “Just like that. You’re such a moron.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“Actually,” Jayden said, “Not completely unlike the Cloak of Invisibility, although different in that those individuals using these devices wouldn’t become completely invisible. Exactly.” “So nothing like it,” Matthias said. “Moron status secured.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“She’s dying?!” “What?!” “He didn’t say that!” “Let me evaluate the severity of her injuries!” “Dude, get your stupid medical bag.” “It’s not so stupid now that we need it, is it?!” “Shut the bloody hell up and get the bag!”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“In what world is Armani here seventeen?” Cristiano shrugged unapologetically. “They feed us better in Italy.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“You need to ratchet down the crazy town.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“Nuh-uh.” Blake shook his head. “Nothing gets trapped in my brain.” No one argued.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“Jayden didn’t take his eyes off me as he put a hand on Blake’s face and shoved him back. “Be gone.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise

“Blake gave Selena a nudge. “Remember what I taught you, itsy-bitsy babe-ette.”
― A.E. Kirk, quote from Demons in Disguise


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