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7+ quotes from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murty

Quotes from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

Sudha Murty ·  212 pages

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“With my experience in life, I want to tell you that having good relationships, compassion and peace of mind is much more important than achievements, awards, degrees or money.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“When a doctor makes a mistake, a person goes six feet below the ground. When a judge makes a mistake, a person is hung six feet above the ground. But when a teacher makes a mistake, the entire batch of students is destroyed. Don’t ever look down on teachers.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“When someone gets cheated, that person gets upset not because they have lost money but because he or she realizes that they have been foolish enough to be tricked by someone.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“A fire cannot be extinguished with another fire. It is only water that can make a difference.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“It is very difficult to earn trust. It takes years to build and it can be destroyed in an instant by one bad deed. Trust requires an enormous amount of integrity and you have to prove every time that you are worthy of it. I am very grateful to our society and community.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“Most people do not have the same values when they get money. Money changes a person completely. Very few people can withstand the lure of money and they are difficult to find. I have learnt that wherever there is money, people like to take advantage of the situation and maximize their return.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

“I realized then that only diseases and not honesty and integrity are passed down to the next generation through genes.”
― Sudha Murty, quote from The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

About the author

Sudha Murty
Born place: in Shiggaon , India
Born date August 19, 1950
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