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9+ quotes from The Dark Hills Divide by Patrick Carman

Quotes from The Dark Hills Divide

Patrick Carman ·  272 pages

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“If bringing down the wall would require you to fly, you must believe you can fly. Otherwise, when the decisive moment comes, you will surely discover you ahve no wings.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“The size of your body is just right. The only question is whether you're big enough inside.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“If you make something your life's work, make sure it's something you can feel proud of when you're an old relic like me.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Sorry Mr. Yipes, sir, she won't budge!'
Put your back into it, man, give it all you've got!'
Bang! Bang! Bang!”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“Life is better without the walls, everyone agrees. Still, sometimes I'm afraid of the outside world, and every so often in my private thoughts I wish the walls were still there to protect me. It feels like growing up, as if the safety of the childhood has been stripped away, and I've woken up on the edge of something dangerous. The walls are gone and I can do as I please. It's a freedom I'm not so sure I'm ready for.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“My world has always been so small, hidden behind walls.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad to get what you need.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“I could not disagree more,” said Ganesh, my father giving me a hidden wink. “If we build toward them they’ll see it as hostile and we’ll be pulled into a confrontation. Now, I agree that we’ve got to expand — these last few days in Bridewell have clearly shown that. Within a few years Bridewell and the towns against the sea will be at maximum capacity, and then what will we do? We have over ten miles between us and Ainsworth, which I think is a good healthy distance. We can’t expand off the cliffs from Lathbury or Turlock, so those are dead ends. Bridewell is stuck in the middle with no place to grow. I think our best option is to start building two-and three-story buildings. Grow up instead of out. We could grow to twice our size if we just abolished the single-level rule.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

“Twenty minutes into our walk away from the wall put us deep in a forest of fir, pine, cottonwood, and aspen trees. The lush forest floor was alive and danced with shadows cast from an endless parade of swaying trees. As we approached early evening it was cool and peaceful. The sound of the trees moving in the wind high above seemed like a friendly traveling companion, calling us farther and farther into the depths of the forest.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from The Dark Hills Divide

About the author

Patrick Carman
Born place: in Salem, Oregon, The United States
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