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5+ quotes from The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty

Quotes from The Center of Everything

Laura Moriarty ·  252 pages

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“Shooting stars are not really stars at all but meteorites, burning their way through our atmosphere, sometimes landing in the oceans and in the middle of could make wishes on them if you like, but they are really just pieces of rock falling down from the sky, and they could land on your head and kill you just as you look up to make a wish. Really, they're just rocks. They don't care about your wishes at all.”
― Laura Moriarty, quote from The Center of Everything

“I know that sometimes when you are really worried about something, it ends up not being nearly as bad as you think it will be, and you get to be relieved that you were just being silly, worrying so much over nothing. But sometimes it is just the opposite. It can happen that whatever you are worried about will be even worse than you could have possibly imagined, and you find that you were right to be worried, and even that, maybe, you weren't worried enough.”
― Laura Moriarty, quote from The Center of Everything

“Someone needs to give the Pope thirteen babies. Just for a week or so. See how he likes no birth control then.”
― Laura Moriarty, quote from The Center of Everything

“It's like swimming, underwater, this whole year. I just close my eyes. hold my breath, and keep kicking.”
― Laura Moriarty, quote from The Center of Everything

“This is how it is now. This is my life.”
― Laura Moriarty, quote from The Center of Everything

About the author

Laura Moriarty
Born place: in Honolulu, Hawaii, The United States
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