6+ quotes from Of Giants and Ice by Shelby Bach

Quotes from Of Giants and Ice

Shelby Bach ·  346 pages

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“Chase nuzzled the carpet with his cheek. “You’re my new best friend.”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

“I don’t know what surprised me more: the part where Chase completely gave us away, the part where he got mad at his dad, or the part where he called me his friend.”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

“Wow.” Chase looked pleased with himself. “If I had known that teaching would get you to listen to me, I would’ve tried this much earlier.” “Well, you’re a better teacher than Hansel,” I said. “Can you tell Hansel that?” Chase grinned. “Can I be there when you tell Hansel that?”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

“Rory, are you okay?” Lena asked. “Yeah, you’ve been sighing a lot.” Chase was so concerned he even put down his fudge. “Do you have a crush on me too?” I stared at him incredulously, not sure I had heard him right, and Melodie said, “You are remarkably self-involved.” Chase looked insulted. “Adelaide sighed a lot right before she said she had a crush on me.” “She had to tell you?” Lena said, surprised. I snorted. “That’s totally it. It was the paint on your face. ‘My heart awakens in sight of your green skin/as clean and warty as a toad’s has ever been—’” I said in my best reciting voice, and we all laughed.”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

“Go,” Chase said. “Crawl under the door. I’ll try to buy you some time.” Obviously, someone woke up in a self-sacrificing mood.”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

“I’d been to ten schools in the last three years.”
― Shelby Bach, quote from Of Giants and Ice

About the author

Shelby Bach
Born place: in Houston, Texas, The United States
Born date August 28, 1986
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