5+ quotes from Slow Down by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Quotes from Slow Down

Lee Matthew Goldberg ·  270 pages

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“Everything is so fast and awful, isn't it, Noah?"

"The world has become like that.”
― Lee Matthew Goldberg, quote from Slow Down

“I watched him spread out his arms with a smile before he crashed through the table in a beautiful crescendo, the glass sounding like tinkles from a piano as its shavings glittered across the floor and sliced through his face and body.”
― Lee Matthew Goldberg, quote from Slow Down

“Hollywood is bigger down right now by sequels, by the uninspired. Well, my M.O. is a two-hour feast for your senses. That means starting the concept of filmmaking from scratch, making it your own.”
― Lee Matthew Goldberg, quote from Slow Down

“The music grew louder, faster, as we saw an empty couch on the balcony and ran to get it, pushed aside another couple darting for the same thing, but it was ours, and we smiled wide, laughing at our fortune, our couch.”
― Lee Matthew Goldberg, quote from Slow Down

“I wanted solitude, but a treasure like that didn't exist in the city. I only found silence in Central Park, still littered with people of course, but the only place that held moments of calm. I breathed in that wonderful silence as my pace finally slowed, and nature delighted my senses.”
― Lee Matthew Goldberg, quote from Slow Down

About the author

Lee Matthew Goldberg
Born place: in New York City, The United States
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