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24+ quotes from See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Quotes from See Me

Nicholas Sparks ·  486 pages

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“I think you can do whatever you want. In the end, we all live the life we choose for ourselves.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“In the end, the only one you can ever really please is yourself. How others feel is up to them.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“See me just as I see you.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Experience was the most painful of teachers.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“... with every passing year she found herself wondering more and more where all the good guys had gone. Or even if there really was such a thing anymore. Where were the guys who didn’t expect you to sleep with them after only a date or two? Or guys who believed that picking up the check on a first date was a classy thing to do? Or even a guy with a somewhat decent job and plans for the future?”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“That’s why they say ‘falling in love’ and not something like ‘floating toward love.’ Falling is scary.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“It takes over—fear, I mean. No matter how hard you try to fight it, it takes over, crushing the life out of you.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Why study or try to change the world on a Friday afternoon when you could be out enjoying the sun?”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“College was a bubble that kept the rest of the world at bay. There was an abundance of free time, friends who lived either with you or right next door, and an overwhelming sense of optimism about the future, even if you had no idea as to the specifics of what that might mean. In college, everyone accepted the fact that their lives would turn out exactly as planned, buoying them from one good memory to the next in a cascade of carefree three-day weekends.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Isn't that the tie Lily bought for your birthday?"

Evan looked down to examine it. It was paisley, a kaleidoscope of color. "Yes it is, as a matter of fact. Good memory. What do you think? Too much?"

"It doesn't matter what I think."

"But you don't like it."

"I think that if you want to wear it, you should wear it."

Evan seemed momentarily undecided. "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Refuse to answer a simple question."

"Because my opinion is irrelevant. You should wear what you want."

"Just tell me, okay?"

"I don't like your tie."

"Really? Why not?"

"Because it's ugly."

"It's not ugly."

Colin nodded. "Okay."

"You don't know what you're talking about."


"You don't even wear ties."

"You're right."

"So why do I care what you think?"

"I don't know."

Evan scowled. "Talking to you can be infuriating, you know."

"I know. You've said that before."

"Of course I've said it before! Because it's true! Didn't we just talk about this the other night? You don't have to say whatever pops into your head."

"But you asked."

"Just ... Oh, forget it." He turned and started back toward the house. "I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Where are you going?"

Evan walked a couple of steps before answering without turning around. "To change my damn tie. And by the way Margolis was right. Your face still looks like it was run through a meat grinder."

Colin smiled. "Hey, Evan!"

Evan stopped and turned. "What?"


"For what?"

"For everything."

"Yeah, yeah. You're just lucky I won't tell Lily what you said."

"You can if you'd like. I already told her."

Evan starred. "Of course you did.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“April never ceased to surprise....there were always a few glorious days, perfect days, when it seemed as thought anything were possible.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“the only one you can ever really please is yourself. How others feel is up to them.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“I don't know what "normal" really means. I think everyone has his own definition, and it's shaped by culture, by family and friends, by character and experience, by events and a thousand other things. What's normal for one person isn't normal for another”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“I want balance. Work is important because I have to support myself, but so are friends, health, rest. Having the time to do things that I enjoy, and sometimes doing nothing at all.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“you think I go to college”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“The rain blew in soft sheets, making the oncoming headlights shimmer.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Love makes everything complicated, and emotions always go wild in the beginning. But when it's real, you should hold on tight, because we're both old enough to know that true love doesn't come along all that often.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“—Creo que puedes hacer lo que quieras. Al final, cada uno vive la vida que ha elegido vivir.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“door and she starts on the EEOC paperwork. Frankly, she’s asking for far less than”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“But if you’re going to make a judgment about me, then you need to know who I really am, not just the part I decide to tell you. I’d rather be honest about all of it and let you make the call as to whether you want to keep talking to me or not.” “Have”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Because people don’t always want the truth. Like when your girlfriend asks if a particular outfit makes her look fat, you should tell her she looks beautiful.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“Because that’s what normal people do. That’s the way society works. You can’t just tell people whatever pops into your mind. It makes them uncomfortable or hurts their feelings. And just so you know, employers hate it.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“you can do whatever you want. In the end, we all live the life we choose for ourselves.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

“My point is that first loves always make sense because you don’t know any better. Everything is a first and any warning bells are drowned out by the sheer novelty of it all.”
― Nicholas Sparks, quote from See Me

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