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“Oh look,” she pointed to them, a fine example of two people in love. Ruin paused and looked from them to her several times before whispering, “You want to? Now?’ “Oh my God,” she muttered, shaking her head. “Those two are in love, I was trying to show you but of course you’d only think of sex.” Ruin followed her to the truck, still watching the couple while he climbed into the driver seat. “Are you sure we’re not in love? Pretty sure we look just like that, minus all the laughing.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“She snorted a little. “Most people’s eyes glaze over when I begin to ramble.” “That’s . . . not what happens with me.” “Oh really? What happens with you?” “My cock gets hard.” “Oh good grief, I should have known. Is there anything that doesn’t make your dick hard?” “That you do? Not very much.” “Well, tell me when you figure it out so I can practice it. I’m kind of tired of being followed around by a hard dick.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“I done saw dat alligator et up a pig!” Mr. Thibodeaux had told her today. “Et it clean up. I taught to mahself, meh, dat alligator he wants some bacon!”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Everything he’d learned said it wasn’t normal to hunger for a human. And yet, with a near brutal intensity, he hungered for this one.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Isadore? If you don’t quit being this way with me, I’m going to remove your sheet and do things that will make you scream and I won’t stop until I’m done. I don’t even know what I’d do, but something tells me I’d take all the time in the world to figure that out until it’s entirely and perfectly done.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Maybe you’re the brat, always busy trying to make things what they aren’t.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“And while seeing her like that, there was purpose. At least for him. To wake up to that smile. Go to sleep to it. Study it. Taste it. Bring it. “You’re beautiful when you smile.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Okay, okay look.” She turned in her seat toward him. “The Old Testament is a bad example for all of this, and it’s not the testament I live by, we are under the New Covenant. And in there,” she pointed at him, “you are to have one wife. And love her. More than yourself even.” She nodded a lot. “Enough to die for her.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“She could hear the sound of frying and by the smell of it, he had the day’s vittles on. Which could be any number of innards from any number of animals, all of which Isadore had no taste for. Anything that operated as a filter in any capacity in nature, was not only dirty, it was dirty tasting to her.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Did angels appear that way? They did in the Bible, Paul said, be sure to entertain stranger, because many had entertained angels unaware. If he never showed up again, she’d be inclined to think she’d hallucinated the entire thing, Jared and all.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“I am Caliber Creed, Messenger of the seventh district in the third heaven. And you, are Ruin, the chosen Carnificem, and woe is what you’re all about, it’s your purpose. Doom and gloom.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“The pain and torment, it was good. A good answer for that need in him, that need for…Isadore. Isadore was everything he hated. Her hope when things were so hopeless, her kindness when she should be wrathful, her love where hate was the justified response.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“Don’t lie.” The bite in his words hammered fear into her spine and his lips tightened over perfect teeth as he put his fingers to his temples, clenching his eyes shut. “Stop. Your fear… disgusts me. And your lie infuriates me!”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3

“The wind around them swirled in a mix of heat and ice as the breath of The Foul Horses left his body, morphing rapidly into seven stallions of fire.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from Ruin Box Set 1-3


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