5+ quotes from Powerless by Matthew Cody

Quotes from Powerless

Matthew Cody ·  277 pages

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“Anyone up for a little breaking and entering?”
― Matthew Cody, quote from Powerless

“These days she always moved like that, as if she were made of glass in a house full of hard edges.”
― Matthew Cody, quote from Powerless

“You know, as you get older the gray matter starts to fail on you and your memories get all fuzzy—they disappear into mist.”
― Matthew Cody, quote from Powerless

“I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I do remember staring out that window and dreaming. I bet I had wonderful dreams….”
― Matthew Cody, quote from Powerless

“She might even have a doll hidden on her somewhere. Well,”
― Matthew Cody, quote from Powerless


About the author

Matthew Cody
Born place: St. Louis, The United States
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