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Helena Hunting ·  204 pages

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“Relationships are about sacrifice and compromise. Sometimes, to have the person you want, you have to give up ideals that are important only because society tells us they are.”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“You look at me, not him. As someone who loves him, it’s my responsibility to protect him from people who hurt him when he can’t bring himself to do it. As long as I’m in Randy’s life, this version of you isn’t welcome.” Randy”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“You’re a beautiful man with a beautiful heart.”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“I guess it’s her prerogative if she only wants it doggy-style this weekend.” The kid behind the counter coughs. I”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“I’m Lily’s boyfriend. She lives with me. In my house.”
I need to get a handle on this jealousy.”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“She clasps her hands behind my neck.
“It’s your turn to take what you need, baby.”
So I do. Because she lets me. Because I love her. Because she loves me back.”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“For the love of broken beavers, do you two ever take a break?”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“Loving you is the best choice I ever made.”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

“I’m Lily’s boyfriend. She lives with me. In my house.” Lily”
― Helena Hunting, quote from Pucked Under

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Helena Hunting
Born place: in Canada
Born date August 22, 2018
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