Quotes from The Endearment

LaVyrle Spencer ·  340 pages

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“Life must not be squandered. A person got from life what he put ino it.”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

“Sometimes we must do things, plenty scared or not. To be able to say afterward,`I was plenty scared`makes a man a bigger man, not a smaller one.”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

“A good logger does not raze the forest, but only thins it.”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

“A man does what must be done,' Karl said, trying to concentrate on his board-making.
"But you never complain."
'What good would complaining do? A job takes so many hours of work, complaining will not shorten those hours.”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

“It seems you are the kind of squaw those Indians would like to have, but make sure they don't! One who keeps her men in line!”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

“the wilderness. Who in his right mind would not want someone to take care of these unpalatable household tasks?”
― LaVyrle Spencer, quote from The Endearment

About the author

LaVyrle Spencer
Born place: in Browerville, Minnesota, The United States
Born date July 17, 1943
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“Are you prepared?" she asked when the other Valkyries had their passengers in place.
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“Oh," she said, covering her face with her hand. It was not an oh of disappointment or an oh of surprise but an oh that Amina had never heard before, scraped raw with an emotion Amina would not know herself until years later, when she understood what it was to long for someone, to ache for their smell and taste on you, to imagine the weight of their hips pinning yours so precisely that you crane up to meet your own invisible desire. She watched as Paige crossed Akhil's room, undistracted by all the usual things that stopped people- the Greats, his desk, the leather jacket hanging from his chair- and moved straight for his hamper, which she opened up, pulling out a forgotten T-shirt and crushing it into her face. "Oh,", she said again, muffled. Oh. And even if Amina didn't yet know what it was to love like that, to burn until your spine has no choice but to try to wind itself around an empty shirt, she understood for sure that the people who said it was better to have loved and lost than never to to have loved at all were a bunch of dicks.”
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