Quotes from Searching for Perfect

Jennifer Probst ·  352 pages

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“Darth Maultini, please.” They stopped and stared. “A what?” He shot them a suffering expression. “One ounce sweet vermouth, one ounce vodka, one ounce whiskey, two ounces pomegranate cherry, and two lemon wedges cut up and spread around the glass.”
― Jennifer Probst, quote from Searching for Perfect

“A volte la gente crede di non peritare il lieto fine.
-Sognando te-”
― Jennifer Probst, quote from Searching for Perfect

“«Ti amo, Kennedy Ashe.»
«Qui non si tratta di me, piccola. Si tratta di te. Posso inseguirti in eterno, prometterti il mondo, ma se tu non ti decidi a fare il salto, se non prendi il rischio con me, è una battaglia persa in partenza. Non è solo il tuo corpo che amo. Amo la tua mente straordinaria, amo la tua anima buona, la tua forza interiore. Amo la vita che ti sei costruita con le tue amiche, il lavoro che hai scelto. Amo tutto di te, il buono e il cattivo, le luci e le ombre, e voglio condividere ogni cosa. Ma tu devi lasciarmelo fare.»”
― Jennifer Probst, quote from Searching for Perfect

“As Thomas Paine said, ‘What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”
― Jennifer Probst, quote from Searching for Perfect

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“Stefan was the one who ... the one she loved. But he'd never understood that love was not singular. He'd never understood that she could be in love with Damon and that it would never change an atom's worth of her love for him. Or that his lack of understanding had been so wrenching and painful that she had felt torn in two different people at times.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Midnight

“The tears of those who never cry, the calm, the levelheaded ones, are terrible to see. She seemed to be split or torn by the force of the tears, which she squeezed her eyes shut against, which she forced back with her fist against her lips. Smokey, afraid and awed, came immediately to her as he might to rescue his child from a fire, without thought and without knowing quite what he would do. When he tried to take her hand, speak softly to her, she only trembled more violently, the red cross branded on her face grew uglier; so he enveloped her, smothered the flames, Disregarding her resistance, as well as he could he covered her, having a vague idea that he could by tenderness invade her and then rout her grief, whatever it was, by main strength. He wasn't sure he wasn't himself the cause of it, wasn't sure if she would cling to him for comfort or break him in rage, but he had no choice anyway, savior or sacrifice, it didn't matter so long as she could cease suffering.”
― John Crowley, quote from Little, Big

“He pecks my lips. I knew you were the one the second I laid eyes on you.
The one to bring me back to life.
‘How did you know?’ He’s talking. I need to extract as much from him as possible.He looks me straight in the eyes. They are bursting with meaning. ‘Because my heart starting beating again.' He whispers.”
― Jodi Ellen Malpas, quote from Beneath This Man

“The thing is, I mean, there’s times when you look at the universe and you think, “What about me?” and you can just hear the universe replying, “Well, what about you?” ”
― Terry Pratchett, quote from Thief of Time

“Once I was seated, I couldn't help people-watching. I'll admit it, I'm an addict from way back.”
― James Patterson, quote from Sundays at Tiffany's

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