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Dani Pettrey ·  320 pages

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“You’re a new creation. Your sins are forgiven. Why carry a burden Christ died to relieve you of?”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“How you handle hard times is a true show of character.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“Pride wears a lot of different masks. Some are easier to see than others.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“When God looks at you He sees His beloved child.” “Not me. You’re wrong.” “No. I’m not.” “How can you sound so certain?” “Because I know He loves you.” “How?” “Because He died for you.” Her lip quivered. “But I am so unworthy.” “We all are. That’s the beauty of God’s grace and the depth of Christ’s love. God loves you.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“Fortunately nothing is unexpected with God, and so if I am not with you, know I am with Him and I will see you again one day. Be blessed, my dear Bailey. Be loved. Be open to all God has in store for you. And don’t be afraid to enjoy His gifts.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“had not only saved her from her sins, but He loved her. Not based on how she measured up, but because she was His.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“The glories of getting old. On the good side, the shorter you realize your time is on this earth, the more important things that truly matter become to you. Faith. Family.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“He’d never felt more inept. Now he truly understood what it meant to rely solely on Christ.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

“For most who had gone through what she had, there’d be no healing, no freedom. But Bailey had found the answer. She’d found Jesus and, in Him, redemption and rebirth. It was time she started embracing the life He had for her, rather than drowning in regret over the sins of her past. Sins Jesus had already nailed to the cross.”
― Dani Pettrey, quote from Submerged

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