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Quotes from Need

Carrie Jones ·  306 pages

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“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“He wipes his hand on his shirt.
What? Did I drool on you?"
A little."
You're a wolf. You should be used to drool."
That's low.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“I like a lot of things that aren't good for me.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“It's hard to save the world when you can't save yourself”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“There is no easy off button for your brain.It would be really really nice if there were.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Hope is a crazy thing. It will make you believe.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Why would I want to fit in?”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“I’m not a damsel and there is no distress”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Pixiophobia: a fear of Pixies.

I made this up, but believe me it should be a word because it sure is a legitimate fear.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“I start to grab it so I can it pass it to him. He reaches for it at the same time. Our fingers touch, and the moment they do the fluorescent lights overhead flicker and then fizzle out.

Everyone moans, even though we can all still see. There's enough light from outside filtering in, just not enough for us to really focus on the finer details.

Nick's fingers stroke mine lightly, so lightly that I'm almost not sure the touch is real. My insides flicker like the art room lights. They do not, however, fizzle. I turn my head to look him in the eye.

He leans over and whispers, "It will be hard to be just your friend.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“He has an armload of irises and daisies and tulips and he presents them to me. "I didn't know what kind of flowers you like."

"I like them all."



He tries to hand them to me, but then remembers the cast. "I'll put them in water."

Betty swoops in the room ridiculously fast and she grabs the flowers out of Nick's hands. "I'll take care of them. You lovebirds just sit on the couch and think swooning things at each other.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“If you pass out, I'll put you in my lap and wheel you across the finish line”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“There is something about libraries, old libraries, that makes them seem almost sacred. There's a smell of paper and must and binding stuff. It's like all the books are fighting against decay, against turning into dust, and at the same time fighting for attention.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“It's a lot easier to understand things once you name them. It's the unknown that mostly freaks me out. I don't know the name of that fear, but I know I've got it, the fear of the unknown.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Dimples crinkle up the skin near his lips. I will not look at his lips. How can he never have used those? That’s a crime against humanity right there.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“The only thing that scares me now is me.
The [person] I might become. The [person] I dont ever want to be.
Everybody has fears, right? But how many have my fear?
Enough, it seems. Because there's a name for it.

Fear of oneself.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“You're pouting. Pouting is not allowed. It's too cute.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“There are people who like cute, furry things and people who eat cute, furry things

-Issy, pag. 53”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“you have to face your fear.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Where'd the dog go?" I ask, sounding panicky.
"That wasn't a dog, Zara," he says, words whisper strong.
I jerk my head up. "What was it then? A cat? A gerbil? A geriatric hamster?”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“... no one can ever save someone else, you know? We can only save ourselves. You know that, don't you?”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“... we all need a little bit of rescuing from time to time. It doesn't make us weak.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Pixies have to be invited in, like vampires. I read it on the Internet."

"Well, there you go," I mutter. "Then it must be true.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Issie asks, "Why iron?"
Devyn goes into full geek mode and answers before I can, "Iron is one of the last elements that is created by stellar nucleosynthesis."
I have no idea what he just said.
Neither does anone else.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“…Sometimes there are things that people should be afraid of."
"Like the dark?"
She shook her head. "No, more the absence of light.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“Then he smiles at me and my heart starts beating harder, which I'm ashamed to admit, but it's true. Hearts betray you like that. This is why it's perfectly acceptable to be cardiophobic, afraid of hearts.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“That Nick is a nice boy."
I eyed her. "He doesn't like me."
"Really? Are you trying to convince yourself or me? Because I found him pressing a bandage to your head while you were passed out drooling on the couch.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

“I stare up at Nick. "You're late."
.... "I had things to take care of," he says, all growly, looking away from me and staring Ian down. They do the whole I'm alpha - No, I'm alpha thing, with the staring and pulling the shoulders back and posturing.
Devyn whispers to Issie, loud enough for us to hear. "They're so sad sometimes."
She whispers back, "I know.”
― Carrie Jones, quote from Need

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