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Jennifer Mathieu ·  330 pages

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“it occurs to me that this is what it means to be a feminist. Not a humanist or an equalist or whatever. But a feminist. It’s not a bad word. After today it might be my favorite word. Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that’s always finding ways to tell them they’re not.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“Making girls monitor their behavior and their appearance because boys are supposedly unable to control themselves? That is one of the oldest fucking tricks in the book.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“It said girls are a revolutionary soul force that can change the world for real.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“It’s just contributing to the narrative that girls have to monitor their bodies and behaviors, and boys have the license and freedom to act like animals. Don’t you think that’s unfair to girls? Don’t you think that’s shortchanging boys? The whole thing is just toxic.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“I'm frustrated with him, but I'm also frustrated with myself. That I can't find the words to explain it to him. I'm totally sure he's not doing it on purpose, but Seth is a guy, and he can't ever know what it feels like to walk down a hallway and know that you're getting judged for the size of your ass or how big your boobs are. He'll never understand what it's like to second guess everything you wear and how you sit and walk and stand in case it doesn't attract the right kind of attention, or worse, attracts the wrong kind. He'll never get how scary and crazy-making it is to feel like you belong to some big Boy Monster that decides it can grab you and touch you and rank you whenever and however it wants.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“Audre Lorde quote on them. YOUR SILENCE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“It’s like I’m living in a feminist fantasy,” Lucy says. “But it can’t be a complete fantasy because Roxane Gay isn’t here.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“This is what it means to be a feminist. Not a humanist or an equalist or whatever. But a feminist. It's not a bad word. After today it might be my favorite word. Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that's always finding ways to tell them they're not.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“Wow, so he votes Republican and he tends to sexist Neanderthals on the side. Sounds like a real winner.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“And you telling me not all guys are like that doesn’t really help me feel better. Because some guys are like that. A lot of them, actually.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“It’s ridiculous. Why should girls be responsible for what boys think and do? Like the boys aren’t able to control themselves?”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

“At my old school I was vice president of this club called GRIT,” Lucy tells us. “It stood for Girls Respecting and Inspiring Themselves. It was, like, a feminist club.”
― Jennifer Mathieu, quote from Moxie

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