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30+ quotes from On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

Quotes from On the Edge

Ilona Andrews ·  309 pages

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“Yes, I'm too mad to punish you right now. We'll talk about it when we get home. Go brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on dry clothes, and get the guns. We're going to Wal-Mart.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“I've never created a riot before. I did cause a brawl at the last formal. A large number of young women there actually arrived with the expectation of seducing me into matrimony, and a couple of their mothers came to blows. It was hilari—I mean, dreadful. Simply dreadful.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Georgie, stop trying to resurrect the shoes. They were never alive in the first place.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Give me a few minutes.”
“You have time.” He sat in the grass.
“Are you just going to sit there and watch me?”
“Yes. Watching pretty peasant girls is what we poor little rich boys do best.”
He shrugged. “You started the name calling.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“It's awful to be rich and mind-boggingly handsome and have women fawn over you. My heart bleeds for you. Poor dear, how do you manage?”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“She handed him a glass of water and two Aleve gelcaps. “They’re anti-inflammatories. They will dull the pain a little bit and keep down swelling and redness. Swallow the pills, don’t chew.”
“Well, I thought I’d stick them into my nose and impersonate a walrus, but if you insist, I’ll swallow them.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“The woman frowned. "I probably should have mentioned that annoying habit of letting people come to the wrong conclusions and not correcting them? He got it from me.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Her imagination painted Georgie twenty years later, sitting in leg irons before some Broken psychiatrist. "Well, you see, it all started with bubbles...”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Our standard rate. A doubloon a day."
It was generous. More than generous--some families would put him up for a week for a single coin.
"Half a doubloon a day," she said.
"No, you see, the idea behind bargaining is that you ask for a larger amount.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Grandpa?" Declan raised his eyebrows.
"We keep him in the shed out back," Jack said helpfully. "So he doesn't eat dog brains.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“How are you?"
"Perfectly fine," he said.
"Are your ribs broken?"
"Probably not. Cracked at most. We fought very carefully."
"Did this settle anything?"
"It made me feel better," he said, sitting up. "Did you see me kick him in the kidneys?"
"I saw.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“You’re a prickly, stubborn, spirited woman.”
“Don’t forget crude, rude, and vulgar.”
“Only when it suits you. You’re sly when occasion calls for it, direct to the point of forgetting tact even exists, sarcastic, fierce, I did mention stubborn, didn’t I?”
“Yes,” she said dryly.
“You’re also smart, kind, gentle, beautiful, and always cling to your personal integrity, even when it’s in your best interests to abandon it.” A little warm feeling spread through her chest, and even her natural suspicion that he was lying couldn’t quite extinguish it. Where was he going with this? “You’re also quite funny,” he said.
“Oh, I amuse you?” He gave her one of his devastating, slightly wicked smiles.
“You have no idea.” Arrogant ass.
“And all of that means what?”
“Just that I mean to have you.” She frowned at him. “I mean to have you, Rose, you and all of your thorns. I’m a disagreeable and stubborn bastard, but I’m not a fool. You didn’t really expect me to pass you up, did you?”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Amy," Elsie Moore said in her crackling voice, her gaze fixed on Declan. "I want you to get me a new bear. A blond one.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Rumors said that if he got drunk enough, he sometimes got his jollies by stripping naked and scaring hikers out in the Broken into thinking he was Bigfoot.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“The first rule of etiquette a boy learns when he's about to enter
society is that civility is due to all women. No provocation, no
matter how unjust and rudely delivered, can validate a man who fails
to treat a woman with anything less than utmost courtesy."

The boys hung on his every word. He glanced in her direction.

"I have met some incredibly unpleasant women, and I have never failed
in this duty. But I must admit: your sister may prove my undoing.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“It became known that I had a rather fertile imagination, when it came to private activities."
She stared. "What sort of private activities?"
This time he did smile, and it turned his face wicked. "Disrobe, and I'll be happy to demonstrate.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Eat slowly," the blueblood said. "Don't cut your food with the fork. Cut it with the knife, and make the pieces small enough so you can answer a question without having to swallow first."

Why me? "Right. Any other tips?" Her sarcasm whistled right over his head.

"Yes. Look at me and not at your plate. If you have to look at your plate, glance at it occasionally."

Rose put down her fork. "Lord Submarine..."



"You can call me Declan." He said it as if granting her a knighthood. The nerve.

"Declan, then. How did you spend your day?"

He frowned.

"It's a simple question: How did you spend your day? What did you do prior to the fight and the pancake making?"

"I rested from my journey," he said with a sudden regal air.

"You took a nap"


"I spent my day scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting ten offices in the Broken. I got there at seven thirty in the morning and left at six. My back hurts, I can still smell bleach on my fingers, and my feet feel as flat as these pancakes. Tomorrow, I have to go back to work, and I want to eat my food in peace and quiet. I have good table manners. They may not be good enough for you, but they're definitely good enough for the Edge, and they are the height of social graces in this house. So please keep your critique to yourself."

The look on his face was worth having him under her roof. As if he had gotten slapped.

She smiled at him. "Oh and thank you for the pancakes. They are delicious.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“It's my uniform. Everyone in my company wears it."
"It's hideous."

Rose felt her hackles rise. The neon green uniform was hideous, but
she didn't appreciate him pointing it out. She opened her mouth.

"Yet despite it, you look lovely," he said.

"Flattery will get you nowhere," she told him.

"It's not flattery," he said coldly. "Flattery requires exaggeration.
I'm merely stating a fact. You're a beautiful woman wearing an ugly
sack of unnatural color.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“One day, she’d find a way to live her life to the fullest. She was sure of it. She just had no idea how she would manage it.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“So, regarding that tidbit about your having a fertile imagination when it comes to private activities," she said, fighting off anxiety. "Was it another lie?"
"Depends on how you look at it. It's not exactly a lie, and if you come with me to the Weird, you'll find that rumors of my 'creativity' when it comes to bed games with the opposite sex do exist. I started them myself and managed them very carefully. The trick with rumors is to feed them once in a while, so they don't die.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Living in your dreams meant bitter disappointment when you woke up.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“We need a barn or one of those storage areas for the Broken vehicles."

"A garage?"

He gave her a short nod. "A private, relatively remote location, with thick walls to dampen the sound and preferably a sturdy door I could bolt from the inside, keeping your grandmother, your brothers, and all other painfully annoying spectators out..."

Rose began to laugh. A make-out bunker...

"I'm glad you find our dilemma hilarious,”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Rose pictured him standing at the boundary of the Ogletree house in that enormous fur cape, with a giant sword sticking over his shoulder, roaring at the top of his lungs and then being upset that nobody came out, and laughed.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“I love you, and you're the measure of my wrath.

― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“I mean to have you, Rose, you and all of your thorns. I'm a disagreeable and stubborn bastard, but I'm not a fool. You didn't really expect me to pass you up, did you?”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Rose put down her fork. "Lord Submarine..."


― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“You were right,” she said softly. “I never could’ve killed them all by myself.”
“What did you say?”
“I said you were right . . .”
He gave her a dazzling grin. “One more time, my lady?”
“You were right,” she told him with a tired smile.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Friends make the world bearable. It’s an honor of sorts. Of all the people that a person knows, they pick you to be their friend, and you try to be worthy of that friendship.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“He glanced up. His eyes were pure white. Great, his brights were on, but nobody was driving.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

“Kissing me won't make me more agreeable," she whispered.
"I'm not trying to make you more agreeable." His voice was rough and low. "I just can't help myself.”
― Ilona Andrews, quote from On the Edge

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