5+ quotes from The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

Quotes from The Unwanteds

Lisa McMann ·  390 pages

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“If you believe you can read you can”
― Lisa McMann, quote from The Unwanteds

“I'd rather die fighting to keep us free to do as we wish, fighting to be free to come and go as we please, fighting so we no longer need to hide. Fighting the fear that all of you were programmed since birth to have. Fighting against Quill's bigotry, which says brains and brawn are better, or more important, than creativity.

Marcus Today”
― Lisa McMann, quote from The Unwanteds

“Alex dropped his eyes and took in a few breaths, vowing silently not to look at Samheed again until … well, ever.”
― Lisa McMann, quote from The Unwanteds

“Alex leaned over to Samheed. “If we get an hour’s worth of music lessons, I think my head might explode.” “In that case, bring on the music,” Samheed muttered. Alex”
― Lisa McMann, quote from The Unwanteds

“I hate to do it.” “It won’t hurt them.” “That’s exactly why I hate to do it,” growled”
― Lisa McMann, quote from The Unwanteds

About the author

Lisa McMann
Born place: in Holland, Michigan, The United States
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