Quotes from Twilight Eyes

Dean Koontz ·  451 pages

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“Oh, we all are, my young friend! We all deceive. Some of us deceive the whole world, every single fellow creature we meet. Some of us deceive only selected people, wives and lovers, or mothers and fathers. And some of us deceive only ourselves. But none of us is totally honest with everyone all the time, in all matters. Hell, the need to deceive is just one more curse that our sorry species has to bear.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“Hope is a constant companion in this life. It is the one thing that neither cruel nature, God, nor other men can wrench from us. Health, wealth, beloved brothers and sisters, children, friends, the past, the future - all can be stolen from us as easily as an unguarded purse. But our greatest treasure, hope, remains. It is a sturdy little motor within, purring, ticking, driving us on when reason would suggest surrender. It is both the most pathetic and noblest thing about us, the most absurd and the most admirable quality we possess, for as long as we have hope, we also have the capacity for love, for caring, for decency.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“Kelsko was a toad. But he was proud. Kelsko was a pathological liar, but he was not a sucker for the lies of others, the way most liars were, for he had not lost the ability to perceive the difference between truth and falsehood. He simply had no respect for that difference.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“when one day ends, the next begins, for in this infinite universe there is no final conclusion to anything, definitely not to hope.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“Pero nadie es por completo honesto con todo el mundo, siempre y en todos los aspectos. Qué diantre, la necesidad de engañar no es más que otra de las maldiciones que debe soportar nuestra pobre especie.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“Siempre resplandece el cielo antes del anochecer.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

“Killing goblins was justified. I had no doubt about the sinlessness of it, and I did not avoid my reflection out of any fear of seeing guilt in my eyes. However, each time that I slaughtered the demonkind, it seemed as if they were harder to kill; more was required of me, worse violence than before, greater savagery. So after every bloody session, there seemed to be a new coldness in my gaze, a steeliness that disconcerted and dismayed me.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Twilight Eyes

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