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“I saw the Cloud, though I did not foresee the Storm.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“I am giving an account of what was, not of what ought or ought not to be.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“I had been tricked once by that Cheat called love, but the Game was over...”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“He look'd a little disorder'd, when he said this, but I did not apprehend any thing from it at that time, believing as it us'd to be said, that they who do those things never talk of them; or that they who talk of such things never do them.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“If a young women once thinks herself handsome, she never doubts the truth of any man that tells her he is in love with her; for if she believes herself charming charming enough to captive him, 'tis natural to expect the effects of it.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Diligence and Application have their due Encouragement, even in the remotest Parts of the World, and that no Case can be so low, so despicable, or so empty of Prospect, but that an unwearied Industry will go a great way to deliver us from it, will in time raise the meanest Creature to appear again in the World, and give him a new Case for his Life.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“It is true that the original of this story is put into new words, and the style of the famous lady we here speak of is a little altered; particularly she is made to tell her own tale in modester words that she told it at first, the copy which came first to hand having been written in language more like one still in Newgate than one grown penitent and humble, as she afterwards pretends to be.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“That as my sister-in-law at Colchester had said, beauty, wit, manners, sense, good humour, good behaviour, education, virtue, piety, or any other qualification, whether of body or mind, had no power to recommend; that money only made a woman agreeable; that men chose mistresses indeed by the gust of their affection, and it was requisite
to a whore to be handsome, well-shaped, have a good mien and a graceful behaviour; but that for a wife, no deformity would shock the fancy, no ill qualities the judgment; the money was the thing; the portion was
neither crooked nor monstrous, but the money was always agreeable, whatever the wife was.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“I rather wished for their ruin, than studied to avoid it.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Thus the Government of our Virtue was broken and I exchang'd the Place of Friend for that unmusical harsh-sounding Title of Whore.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“As for Women that do not think their own Safety worth their Thought, that impatient of their present State, resolve as they call it to take the first good Christian that comes, that run into Matrimony, as a Horse rushes into the Battle, I can say nothing to them, but this, that they are a Sort of Ladies that are to be pray'd for among the rest of distemper'd People...”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Thus you see having committed a Crime once, is a sad Handle to the committing of it again; whereas all the Regret, and Reflections wear off when the Temptation renews it self; had I not yielded to see him again, the Corrupt desire in him had worn off, and 'tis very probable he had never fallen into it, with any Body else, as I really believe he had not done before.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Where love is the case, the doctor's an ass”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Das kann ich, sagte ich einfältiges Kind.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Aber, sprach sie noch immer lächelnd, dieser Verdienst kann dir nicht Nahrung und Kleider schaffen, wer wird denn dem kleinen Fräulein die Kleider kaufen?”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Si una joven tiene belle­za, nacimiento, educación, ingenio, sentido, modales, modestia y todo ello en forma extremada, pero no tiene dinero, no es na­die y es igual que si lo necesitara todo, porque el dinero es lo único que recomienda ahora a una mujer. Los hombres tienen todo el juego en su mano.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“THUS I gave up myself to a readiness of being ruined without the least concern, and am a fair Memento to all young Women, whose Vanity prevails over their Virtue: Nothing was ever so stupid on both Sides, had I acted as became me, and resisted as Virtue and Honour requir'd; this Gentleman, had either Desisted his Attacks, find|ing no room to expect the Accomplishment of his Design, or had made fair, and honourable Proposals of Marriage; in which Case, whoever had blam'd him, no Body could have blam'd me.

In short, if he had known me, and how easy the Trifle he aim'd at, was to be had, he would have troubled his Head no farther, but have given me four or five Guineas, and have lain with me the next time he had come at me; and if I had known his Thoughts, and how hard he thought I would be to be gain'd, I might have made my own Terms with him; and if I had not Capitulated for an imme|diate Marriage, I might for a Maintenance till Marriage, and might have had what I would.”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Ich bat ihn derart inständig darum, daß er nicht umhin konnte, entweder sein Wort zu halten oder zu brechen, trotzdem er alles aufbot und auch seiner Mutter Vermittlung brauchte, um meinen Entschluß zu ändern. Der ganze Grund lag in mir, denn mein Herz hatte sich ganz von ihm abgewandt. Ich hatte Abscheu mit ihm zu Bette zu gehen und fand tausend Vorwände als Krankheit, Unmut und dergleichen, damit er mich nicht berühren sollte, weil ich nichts so sehr fürchtete als wieder schwanger zu werden, und dadurch wäre meine Reise nach England, wenn auch nicht aufgehoben, so doch wieder hinausgeschoben worden. Indes reizte ich ihn dadurch”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“If I swing by the string, I shall hear the bell ring, And then there's an end of poor Jenny”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“...she thought herself very ill used, yet she had no power to resent it”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

“Farbigkeit und dieselbe Anziehungskraft herrschen kann wie in einem Bericht von Schandtaten. Wenn diese Annahme einigen Grund haben soll, so muß mir auch verstattet”
― Daniel Defoe, quote from Moll Flanders

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Daniel Defoe
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Born date September 13, 1660
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