Quotes from Lichgates

S.M. Boyce ·  414 pages

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“Remember that grief is a necessary pain. It’s your only way to heal. To starve it will destroy you.”~The Grimoire”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates

“Maybe you’re so good at listening that you have no idea when to speak.” ~Braeden”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates

“The time will come when you will doubt everything you stand for, but you must push forward and never stop. Do not let others speak for you, or you will lose your voice forever.” ~The Grimoire”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates

“But that’s the trouble with moments—they end." ~Narrator”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates

“Don’t let others speak for you, or you will lose your voice forever.”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates

“But that’s the trouble with moments—they end. ~Narrator”
― S.M. Boyce, quote from Lichgates


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