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Lori Lansens ·  387 pages

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“the only thing left to do is love”
― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

“Remy didn't suggest an ounce of discourtesy, but only had a different way of talking. It's something Chester'd learned, how a person's words did not always disclose the intention of his heart. He'd been called fine things by people who feared and loathed him, and slanderous things by people who thought well on him but were ignorant.”
― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

“Wake in bed and know, because dreams are not true, that the sun will be shining and it will not storm today.”
― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

“I believe it was the Lord...for who else could know your trouble and ours and bring us together in this right way?”
― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

“Read it slow as you can. It's like a fine meal. You don't want to gulp it, but savor it so you can taste it in your memory when you're lone done.”
― Lori Lansens, quote from Rush Home Road

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Lori Lansens
Born place: Chatham, Ontario, Canada
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