Quotes from Evil Under the Sun

Agatha Christie ·  220 pages

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“To count - really and truly to count - a woman must have goodness or brains.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“Ah! Madame, I reserve the explanations for the last chapter.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“Nowadays, no one believes in evil. It is considered, at most, a mere negation of good. Evil, people say, is done by those who know no better - who are undeveloped - who are to be pitied rather than blamed. But, M. Poirot, evil is real! It is a fact! I believe in Evil as I believe in Good. It exists! It is powerful! It walks the earth!' He stopped. His breath was coming fast. He wiped his forehead with his handkerchief and looked suddenly apologetic. 'I'm sorry. I got carried away.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“It is deplorable...to remove all the romance - all the mystery!”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“That is what I mean. A bath! The receptacle of porcelain, one turns the taps and fills it, one gets in, one gets out and ghoosh - ghoosh - ghoosh, the water goes down the waste pipe!"
"M. Poirot are you quite mad?"
"No, I am extremely sane.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“I enrage myself with an imbecile. I say, 'I would like to kick him.' Instead I kick the table. I say, 'This table, it is the imbecile, I kick him so.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“There is no such thing as a really calm sea. Always, always, there is motion.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“I was interested, M. Poirot, in something you said just now. You said that there was evil done everywhere under the sun. It was almost a quotation from Ecclesiastes.” He paused and then quoted himself: “Yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“To marry and have children, that is the common lot of women. Only one woman in a hundred--more, in a thousand, can make for herself a name and position as you have done.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“There is no such thing as a plain fact of murder. Murder springs, nine times out of ten, out of the character and circumstances of the murdered person. Because the victim was the kind of person he or she was, therefore was he or she murdered! Until we can understand fully and completely exactly what kind of a person [she] was, we shall not be able to see clearly exactly the kind of person who murdered her. From that spring the necessity of our questions.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“Everything is possible, isn't it? The world soon teaches one that!”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“If you hadn’t anything worth saying why go chattering all the time?”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“É un luogo romantico, sì" convenne Poirot, "e tranquillo. Il sole brilla e il mare è un incanto. Ma dimentica, signorina Brewster, che il male si annida dovunque, sotto il sole.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

“Mademoiselle, se non è sposata, vuol dire che nessuno del mio sesso è stato abbastanza eloquente: per scelta e non per necessità, si resta nubili.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from Evil Under the Sun

About the author

Agatha Christie
Born place: in Torquay, Devon, England, The United Kingdom
Born date September 15, 1890
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