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“He had them as spellbound as a room full of Ewoks listening to C-3PO.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“We don’t care about what you did yesterday—we care about what you’re going to do tomorrow.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“my problem isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“I want to just DO SOMETHING instead of ask someone else to start a process to investigate the possibility of someday possibly maybe doing something.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“Businesses are great structures for managing big projects. It’s like trying to develop the ability to walk without developing a skeleton. Once in a blue moon, you get an octopus, but for the most part, you get skeletons. Skeletons are good shit.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“Any outfit that can’t figure out clean toilets and decent theming on its own can’t benefit from my advice.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“What I’ve got here are my own constraints. I’m challenging myself, using found objects and making stuff that throws all this computational capacity at, you know, these trivial problems, like car-driving Elmo clusters and seashell toaster-robots. We have so much capacity that the trivia expands to fill it. And all that capacity is junk-capacity, it’s leftovers. There’s enough computational capacity in a junkyard to launch a space-program, and that’s by design. Remember the iPod? Why do you think it was so prone to scratching and going all gunky after a year in your pocket? Why would Apple build a handheld technology out of materials that turned to shit if you looked at them cross-eyed? It’s because the iPod was only meant to last a year!”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright #154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin’ it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that’s all we wanted to do.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“You’re taking the bus around Burbank?” Lester said. “Christ, Perry, this is Los Angeles. Even homeless people drive cars.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“The worst part was that the Brit’s reportage was just spleen-filled editorializing on the lack of ethics in the valley’s board-rooms (a favorite subject of hers, which no doubt accounted for his fellow-feeling), and it was also the crux of Kettlewell’s schtick. The spectacle of an exec who talked ethics enraged Rat-Toothed more than the vilest baby-killers. He was the kind of revolutionary who liked his firing squads arranged in a circle.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“He ended up in this place because these supposed pals of his had screwed up. He knew that he was going to end up making up with them, going to end up getting deeper into this. He knew that this was how good people did shitty things: one tiny rotten compromise at a time. Well, he wasn't going to go there.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

“Every good thing comes to some kind of end, and then the really good things come to a beginning again.”
― Cory Doctorow, quote from Makers

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Cory Doctorow
Born place: in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born date July 17, 1971
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