5+ quotes from Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Quotes from Make Lemonade

Virginia Euwer Wolff ·  200 pages

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“If you dont like me, Walk away , Matter of fact Run Away”
― Virginia Euwer Wolff, quote from Make Lemonade

“Some people make a bad bed, they just have to lie in it.”
― Virginia Euwer Wolff, quote from Make Lemonade

“You ever laughed so hard
nobody in the world could hurt you for a minute,
no matter what they tried to do to you?”
― Virginia Euwer Wolff, quote from Make Lemonade

“If you want something to grow and be so beautiful you could have a nice day just from looking at it, you have to wait.”
― Virginia Euwer Wolff, quote from Make Lemonade

“How many neighbors ignoring Jolly for her ignorance and bad luck could go down on their knees and save their kid from choking to death this afternoon while the world was going on outside in the sunshine?”
― Virginia Euwer Wolff, quote from Make Lemonade

About the author

Virginia Euwer Wolff
Born place: in Portland, The United States
Born date August 25, 1937
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