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5+ quotes from THE YEAR OF THE FROG by Juls Amor


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“Walk through pain, face it, lay down in it and rest. Get up and walk again, repeat until you reach the end.”
― Juls Amor, quote from THE YEAR OF THE FROG

“I used to cry when I thought of living the rest of this life alone. Tears would fill my eyes while my heart would yearn. But now I feel empowerment in that acceptance. Power in knowing it is up to me to be happy ever after. I will not wait for him. After all, this awakening has just begun, it is going to take a man at the same point on the path I am. If I am going to fall allowing my spirit to completely melt into his manly grace, it is necessary he be awake.”
― Juls Amor, quote from THE YEAR OF THE FROG

“We can be a victim or a creator. One takes negative memories to use as a crutch, remain the same and blame. The latter takes negative memories accepting responsibility for choosing the situation to learn, evolve and change.”
― Juls Amor, quote from THE YEAR OF THE FROG

“I could have chosen to hide it all and retain your praise but it was still there rustling in my gut with or without your love.
To hate me for my truth means you loved me for my lies.”
― Juls Amor, quote from THE YEAR OF THE FROG

“I have come to terms with the reality this life may not bring another romantically to share this journey with me. I do this not just for me, but for everyone who spends their life seeking and wishing. When we are wishing, we are missing.”
― Juls Amor, quote from THE YEAR OF THE FROG

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