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4+ quotes from Bad Hair Day by Sarah Mlynowski

Quotes from Bad Hair Day

Sarah Mlynowski ·  165 pages

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“Such a sensitive dog. Or maybe he just needs to go outside for other reasons.”
― Sarah Mlynowski, quote from Bad Hair Day

“I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves, everybody’s nerves, everybody’s nerves —” “I’m going to”
― Sarah Mlynowski, quote from Bad Hair Day

“She named her horse Basil? That’s the worst name for a horse I ever heard.”
― Sarah Mlynowski, quote from Bad Hair Day

“Let’s call the prince —” “Ruff, ruff!” “Pickles!” Jonah cries gleefully. My brother is so weird.”
― Sarah Mlynowski, quote from Bad Hair Day

About the author

Sarah Mlynowski
Born place: in Montreal, Canada
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Popular quotes

“How blest was the created state
Of man and woman, ere they fell,
Compared to our unhappy fate:
We need not fear another hell.”
― John Wilmot, quote from The Complete Poems

“And then I cried a flood of tears as if I really were a mermaid who had absorbed too much sea into herself. The tears spilled like a balm, like a potion, like a charm. In them swam a little girl whose father was dying without ever having seen her. In them swam a girl whose mother’s magic – the only thing the girl envied more than anything else in the world, the thing that had made her invisible, the most precious thing –might be dying too. In them swam a green-haired girl who had never been touched by the boy to whom she was so devoted that she would have lived with him forever in a shack by the sea or a ruined sand castle even if he never made love to her. My tears were for me, but they were also for him. They were to wash away the thing that had frightened him so much so long ago. The wound inside his thigh. My tears poured out of me and he drank them down his throat. He drank them in gulps deep into himself, swallowing sorrow.
Someday,” he said, “when we are ready, I will give you back your tears.”
― Francesca Lia Block, quote from Echo

“Compassion is a coat of fur I find particularly ill-fitting.”
― Ron Currie Jr., quote from God Is Dead

“Deborah looked at me with a frown, and I frowned back. What Alana said made sense, of course, especially to someone untroubled by human feelings, like I used to be. It was clinically cold reasoning, serpentine but clear, and that certainly fit what we were coming to know about Alana. And yet—something was wrong with it, whether it was the way she said it or something else, I couldn’t say; it didn’t quite add up for me.”
― Jeff Lindsay, quote from Dexter Is Delicious

“I regret having to play the role of Cassandra once more and having to disappoint the fresh hopes of certain ever hopeful colleagues, but there is no possible evolution in a totalitarian society.”
― Albert Camus, quote from Resistance, Rebellion and Death: Essays

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