15+ quotes from Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

Quotes from Dark Companion

Marta Acosta ·  368 pages

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“Life isn't fair, so you have to play the best game you can with the cards you're dealt.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Sometimes you suffer for the things that are important to you.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Who are we without our memories?”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“It really turns me on when you talk geek.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“It's a mystery to me why extraordinary young women insist that they're normal.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“I'm driving so it's your job to make small talk."
"Not that small." He waved at the security guard as we left the club. "Make medium talk.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“I said his name softly to myself. Lucky. Lucian Radcliffe. His name must come from the Latin lucianus, meaning light, and that's what he was, golden and bright.
I didn't care what Jack's name meant. Probably Jackass.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“You know, I've always hated those stories about princes and princesses with some extraordinary ability, special because they're born special.'
'Like me?' He smiled wickedly, making me laugh a little.
'I didn't see how those were happy stories, because life has given princes and princesses enough unearned advantages. I'd rather believe that anyone can accomplish remarkable things when she really tries. Maybe her accomplishments will never be recognized, but simply loving and caring for someone else, that's miraculous to me.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“I've created a monster"
"No you just released one.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Tell me something in your native woodland language.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Anyone can ride a bike," Jack said. "Even an elf." The corner of his mouth went up in amusement. "She can ramble through the grove, her natural habitat, and visit her animal subjects.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“The potted plant could have been knocked over intentionally or accidentally, or maybe one of the animals that lived here broke it somehow.
I thought of the impossibilities and improbabilities. Jack would say that elves had broken it when they came to take me back to the wood.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Jane, this young man is Jacob, my oldest son. It’s no secret that a
headmistress’s biggest challenge is her family. Jacob, say hello to Jane.”
“Hello to Jane,” he parroted, pulling out the pockets of his shorts in a silly
I couldn’t decide if it was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen, or the funniest,
so I stared back at him.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“Lily, the girl who’d talked back to the jock, said, “I want to get as far away
from my parents as possible. We’re like potassium and water.”
The other kids laughed and I said, “Huh?”
“If potassium comes into contact with water, it instantly combusts,” Lily
said slowly so if she was talking to a child.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

“And I know what you are. You’re a heartless, soulless waste of human life. When I’m older, I’ll make sure that your license is revoked.”
― Marta Acosta, quote from Dark Companion

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