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“Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Life was simple when you were a Shield Bug.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Why?” breathed Boy 412. “Why me?”

“You have astonishing Magykal power. I told you before. Maybe now you’ll believe me.” She smiled.

“I—I thought the power came from the ring.”

“No. It comes from you. Don’t forget, the Dragon Boat recognized you even without the ring. She knew. Remember, it was last worn by Hotep-Ra, the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard. It’s been waiting a long time to find someone like him.”

“But that’s because it’s been stuck in a secret tunnel for hundreds of years.”

“Not necessarily,” said Marcia mysteriously. “Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Oh it's a pebble... But it's a really nice pebble Dad thanks.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Well, I suggest you sleep on it," said Aunt Zelda sensibly. "Things always look better in the morning.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“From the Young Army Fact List:
Fact One: No early morning roll call:
Fact Two: Much better food. GOOD.
Fact Three: Aunt Zelda nice: GOOD.
Fact Four: Princess-girl friendly: GOOD.
Fact Five: Have Magyk ring: GOOD.
Fact Six: Extraordinary Wizard Cross: BAD.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“The Young Army was crazy. Marcia was Magyk.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Oi! Can't a poor Boggart have no peace?”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Watch and wait, boy. Watch and wait.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Petroc Trelawney looked as pleased as a pebble can look, which was pretty much the same as he had looked before.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“... waiting for the spell to end, as all spells must.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Crazy as a cuttlefish
Nasty as a RAT
Put her in a pie dish
Give her to the CAT!”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“I wonder," Marcia said. "If you would consider being my apprentice?”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Ah Ratty, what good times we'll have," said Mad Jack. "Just you and me, Ratty. We'll go cuttin' them reeds together, and if you're good we'll go to the circus when it comes to town and see the clowns. I love them clowns, Ratty. We'll have a good life together. Yes we will. Oh yes.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“It gave Boy 412 the impression that Aunt Zelda had walked into a large patchwork tent and had just, that very minute, poked her head out of the top to see what was going on.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Soon fifty-six Shield Bugs were lined up, crouching like coiled springs on the gunnels of the chicken boat.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Take it,’ hisses DomDaniel. ‘But I will be back for it. I will be back with the seventh of the seventh.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“Tidak juga," ujar Marcia dengan misterius. "Segala sesuatu biasanya berjalan dengan sendirinya.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

“The dragon reared her head, breathing in the storm and loving every minute of it. It was the start of a voyage, and a storm at the beginning of a voyage was always a good omen.”
― Angie Sage, quote from Magyk

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