Quotes from Hard Limit

Meredith Wild ·  238 pages

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“love you…all of you. Even your scars.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“We were never short on passion. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Adrenaline raced over the fatigue that had settled into my bones after another sleepless night. I could fuck the woman until I was blind, and it wouldn’t be enough. She’d promised me a lifetime, and I had every intention of loving her well every day this life would give me.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“Erica…I love you…all of you. Even your scars.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“Yes, she’d changed me, as much as a man with my particular affinities could change. She’d pushed me. She’d walked into my life, five-feet-three inches of fiery independence.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“Maybe I don't feel like taking orders.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“I’d fought like hell to keep the upper hand between us to protect her, to keep her out of the path of those who would hurt one to destroy the other. I couldn’t lose control and risk losing something more important—the one person who’d come into my life and made it worth living.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

“His voice was soft as his pet name for me rolled off his gorgeous lips. And the way he looked at me… I could ask for the Hope diamond on a silver platter and I had little doubt he would figure out a way to bring it to me.”
― Meredith Wild, quote from Hard Limit

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