Quotes from House of Pleasure

Caddy Rowland ·  246 pages

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“Worst of all, she expected him to kiss her. A lot. God, the amount of time the woman spent slobbering all over him when they were performing the act made him feel like his face was crawling with germs. What was it with women and kissing anyway?”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“taking your son to a whorehouse, thought”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“Anyone with any smarts at all realized New Orleans was a cesspool of nefarious activities.”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“According to the FBI, hundreds of thousands of children”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“men she would soon be assisting would never accept her as the person in charge if she was less than perfect in her role, which meant she must become fully polished. She needed to gain their trust and allegiance if she hoped to find a way to take them down along with Antoine. She had to look, talk, and act like one of their class.”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“Many times each day she felt herself close to slipping into despondency, feeling she was no closer to her goal. It could take years! Those were years where she should have been having fun, dating, learning to love. Instead, all she felt was hate. Even though it still could be a few”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“men were incredibly frustrated because they could never book a night with her, but at the same time her unavailability made her even more desirable. To be blessed with a smile or a wink from Angel was to walk among the heavens for several minutes. She had the unique capability of making each man she gave even the slightest attention to feel as though he”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“egos would convince them all those hours of seduction had been spent with their dick firmly planted in one opening or another. Even though it usually wouldn’t be so, it was necessary for them to think it, especially if Rêve was to garner repeat all-night reservations.”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

“finding it hard to stay away from Rêve for any length of time. Amy was in his mind constantly. Whenever he visited the schools in his jurisdiction, he salivated over the thirteen and fourteen-year-old girls he saw parading the halls. They wanted to be so worldly, trying out make-up and too adult-looking clothes,”
― Caddy Rowland, quote from House of Pleasure

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