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Erin Hunter ·  315 pages

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“Bloodclan, Attack!"
Not a cat moved
Tigerstar's amber eyes widened and he screeched "Attack, I order you!"
Still none of the warriors moved, eccept for the small black cat who took a pace forward. He glanced twored Firestar. "I am Scourge, leader of Bloodclan," he meowed, his voice cold and quiet. "Tigerstar, my warriors are not yours to command. They will attack when I tell them, and not before."
The look Tigerstar gave him was incredulous and glittered with all the hatred he had ever shown to Firestar, as is he couldn't beleive that this scrap of a cat was defying him. Firestar seized his oppertunity. He paced forward untill he stood right infront of the two leaders. Behind him, he heard graystripe hiss, "Firestar,be
But this was no time for being careful. The very future of the forest was at stake, balanced on the breadth of a hair between Tigerstar's bloodthirsty quest for power and the whims of the unknown bloodclan.
Now Firestar could see that the collar Scourge wore around his neck was studded with teath--The teath of dogs, and...CATS' teath too. Great Starclan! Did they kill their own kind and wear there teath as trophies?”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Whitestorm was experienced, wise and brave. When Firestar had been made deputy, he had shown not a scrap of resentment that a lesser cat might have felt. He had supported him from the beginning, and he was the cat Firestar naturally turned to when he needed advice.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“You see, Firestar? I am even more powerful than Starclan, for I have changed the clans in the forest from four to two..."-The Darkest Hour, Page 227”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“This is not my Clan. Not any longer. ThunderClan is led by a kittypet, and there's nothing left to fight for. I feel no loyalty to ThunderClan. In the whole forest, the only cat worth following is Tigerstar.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Leopardstar says that they're staying with us so the Clans can exchange training methods and fighting techniques, but I don't see much sign of it. All they do is watch....It's like they're learning all about us, all our secrets and weaknesses. That's why I came over here, to get away from them for a bit.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Join you? After everything you've done? I'd rather die!”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Wake up, Brightheart. It’s time to go.” Brightheart blinked up at him with her good eye, then rose and stretched. “Okay, Firestar. I’m ready.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“slower than WindClan, duller than RiverClan, scrawnier than ShadowClan.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“He took comfort from the warmth of her fur as he let sleep claim him at last.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“I’m not so old that I’ve lost my wits, you piece of fox dung!” Tallstar snarled.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Firestar, what’s wrong?” Firestar shook his head to clear it of apprehension. It was a relief to go right back to the beginning, and tell Cinderpelt about the dream that had come to him as he lay beside the Moonstone. Cinderpelt sat beside him and listened in silence, her steady gaze never leaving his face. “Bluestar told me, ‘Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest,’” Firestar finished. “And then blood oozed out of the hill of bones and started to fill the hollow. Blood everywhere . . . Cinderpelt, what does it all mean?” “I don’t know,” Cinderpelt confessed. “StarClan has not shown me any of this. Just as they have the power to show me what will happen, so they can choose not to share with me. I’m sorry, Firestar—but I’ll keep thinking about it, and maybe something will happen to make it clearer soon.” She pushed her nose against Firestar’s fur to comfort him, but though Firestar was grateful for her”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Firestar was left facing Scourge. The small black cat looked unmoved. Now Firestar knew not to underestimate him due to his size. He knew he had never faced a cat more dangerous than this, who in a single blow could destroy a leader with nine lives.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“If that was one life received, he had eight more to go. How will I bear it? he thought in dismay.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“With this life I give you courage,”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Too late,” Whitestorm breathed. “I go to hunt with StarClan.” “You can’t—the Clan needs you! I need you!”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“And I’m glad to hear you say that. Bluestar was right about you all along. Many cats thought you were too young and inexperienced when she made you her deputy, but you’re showing your quality now. The forest needs cats like you.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“but we do not interfere. If we did, would you truly be free?”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“Sandstorm pressed her flank to Firestar’s. “Bluestar was right. Fire did save the Clan.” “And now there are four Clans again,” Graystripe added. “Just as there should be.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“I . . . I tried to tell Tigerstar that Scourge was dangerous, but neither of us imagined what he could do. Tigerstar offered Scourge a share of the forest if he would bring his cats to help him fight. He thought that once he’d made all the other Clans join TigerClan he could get rid of BloodClan.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“We’ll be slaughtered if we show ourselves now. We won’t leave your kits, Graystripe, I promise we won’t, but we’ve got to wait for the right moment to rescue them.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

“The trick is to learn from your mistakes, and have the courage to be true to your heart.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from The Darkest Hour

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