Quotes from The Sum of All Fears

Tom Clancy ·  928 pages

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“The noblest of ideas have always been protected by warriors.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“Panic is something that good operations officers plan for.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“If you give people a firm opinion, you run the risk of being wrong. Guess what? People remember when you’re wrong a lot more often than when you’re right. So the tendency is to include all the possibilities. It’s intellectually honest, even.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“after you stop believing in santa claus, the whole world just goes downhill”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“Only evil of my shadow is my enemy,well die of darkness of life!”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“i am the most even-tempered man i know,' clark protested.
'right, no one's ever lived long enough for you to get really mad. they're dead by the time you're mildly annoyed.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“Miten ihmeessä minä löysin sinut?"
"Sinä voitit minut. Elämän suurissa arpajaisissa sinä sait minut. Ja minä sinut. Luuletko että aviokumppanukset ansaitsevat toisensa? Kun ajattelee kaikkia niitä joita näen töissä ja jotka eivät onnistu siinä. Ehkä he eivät vain yritä, ehkä he vain unohtavat."
Sen mitä minäkin olin unohtaa. "'Hyvinä ja pahoina päivinä aina kuolemaan asti.' Muistatko? Minäkin annoin sen lupauksen.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“The coat went over his shoulder. It was too hot here for that, and hotter still where he was going. He’d have to wear a coat there. It was expected, one of those curious rules of formal behavior that demanded the maximum discomfort to attain the proper degree of decorum.”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

“how could a man lead without vision?”
― Tom Clancy, quote from The Sum of All Fears

About the author

Tom Clancy
Born place: in Baltimore County, Maryland, The United States
Born date April 12, 1947
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