13+ quotes from Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee

Quotes from Havah: The Story of Eve

Tosca Lee ·  368 pages

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“And I know that God made the heart the most fragile and resilient of all organs, that a lifetime of joy and pain might be encased in one mortal chamber.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“How mighty, how great the One must be, I thought, to send the heavens careening, and yet hear the cry of a single heart.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“The words, when they came to my heart, were so gentle, and familiar -- and so very sad: What is this you have done?”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I was beloved. I had been hoped for. Somehow, I was necessary.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I wanted to be alone with the One. The One who scaled then careened from the heights of the Mount. The One who raised up the man from the mud. The One who fashioned me from a part of the man and knew me more intimately than even the adam.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“You are necessary to that end, and to me...you are all I have of the garden. You are the image of me and of the One. And if you have wronged, then I have surely repaid your wrong twice over.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I have always contended that girls are the sturdier of the genders and wondered in secret if the One that Is might not best be identified with the creativity of the female heart.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“In the beginning there was God...but for me there was Adam.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I slept in the grip of that love, comforted, thinking I should forget my longing within it, knowing that all was somehow well...In the morning when I stirred, I knew...I knew I lay here in my own flesh, but not alone.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“Sometime before sleep it occurred to me that the true nature of being without might mean never knowing what one lacked.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I felt laid bare, a fruit split open to reveal a moldering inside.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“I will protect you all the days of my life. You will be the mother of all who live and the giver of life to the seed spoken by the One -- the seed that will strike the offspring of the serpent. The One has said it, Isha...today I name you Havah, because you will live, and all who live will come from you, and you will give birth to hope.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

“A mist crept into the valley—how could this be, by the light of the climbing sun? It drifted over the form in the grass, nearly obscuring it, seeming to draw all sound into itself. I thought I might burst from the strain of that silence... until a single sound shattered it:

The gasp of an indrawn breath.”
― Tosca Lee, quote from Havah: The Story of Eve

About the author

Tosca Lee
Born place: in Roanoke, VA, The United States
Born date December 1, 2018
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