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“7.Remain calm and poised at all times, just like Audrey Hepburn;”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“I hadn't known my dad could get so competitive over an auction. It was
probably a good thing he hadn't yet discovered eBay.”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“2.Stop obsessing about the size of my nose. Yes, it’s freakishly large, but since there’s nothing I can do about that, it’s time I came to terms with it;
3. Avoid mirrors, so as not to be reminded of my nose;”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“You look”—amazing, incredible, eminently kissable—“fine,” I finished weakly.”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“Hiding the book in my lap, I’d lose myself in stories of dashing buccaneers falling in love with beautiful heiresses. I did this with no guilt whatsoever—I figured the books filled in the gaping holes left by the cut-and-dried sex-ed unit we covered in health class.”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“Living all alone! The freedom! Rather than being known as the Human Calculator, I’d be That Really Cool Chick Who Lives by Herself and Plays the Guitar Just Like Jewel!
Or I’m sure they’d say that if I actually played the guitar”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

“Finn said he’s only coming back to be a subversive influence within the school. I had no idea what he meant by that, but I had to admit . . . it made me a little nervous. It’s never wise to underestimate Finn. He’s not the most morally centered person in the world.”
― Piper Banks, quote from Geek High

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“In the earl days of their marriage he had discussed with her every aspect of his workday. They'd discussed their hopes and dreams in whispers so as not to awaken the children sleeping in the next room.
Over the years, other obligations had pulled at them, sometimes taking precedence over this quiet pillow talks. Nancy missed them and longed for the days when he had valued her opinion above all others. He still did, she was sure; he just didn't ask for it as frequently as he had before his success was assured.”
― Sandra Brown, quote from Charade

“I didn’t understand what he was doing, what he wanted from me. Because in my experience, people wanted something from each other. To use them, to gain friendship, for a romantic relationship. I didn’t think he had any of those three as his motivation, and it was like a Rubik’s Cube that I kept turning around and around with no solution”
― Erin McCarthy, quote from True

“I've never met a soldier who knew he was a hero. It's not false modesty. They simply decide to do something that they know they must do, usually for there comrades, because if they don't, those people will suffer in some way. For them, that compulsion is far stronger than any fear. The fact we find it exceptional is a sad indictment of the human race. I'd like to live in a world of heroes. If we did, there would be no wars.”
― Karen Traviss, quote from Aspho Fields

“Love surrounds you like steam in the shower. You can’t see the individual drops, but you get warm. And wet. And clean.”
― Jo Nesbø, quote from The Son

“Countries are forged by war; perhaps girls are, too. New England and I will be reborn together in this war between the witches and the Brothers. Between Maura and me.

I am newly wrought -- a girl of steel and snow and heartrending good-byes.

My magic is renewed by my heartbreak. It spills out my fingertips, swirling around me. The wind picks up, bitter cold now. The rain turns abruptly to snow, haloing the gas streetlamps like iron angels. Enormous snowflakes begin to fall -- fast, faster -- obscuring my sister, hiding her and Brenna and the carriage and the gray stone building that has become my home.

I am all alone in a sea of whirling white.

It feels right that it should be so.”
― Jessica Spotswood, quote from Star Cursed

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