Quotes from Forest Mage

Robin Hobb ·  718 pages

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“None of us ever know what we are choosing when we choose life. If certainty is so important to you, than you should have chosen to be dead. That is a certain thing.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“A leaf turns in the wind, and you suddenly have a different perception of what colour it is.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“It was all so meaningless when I looked at it that way. It was meaningless in the same way as when I stood up from a game and then looked down on the scatter of playing pieces, and realized that they all were just bits of polished stone on a wooden board marked with squares. All the meaning they'd had moments before when I'd been trying to win a game were meanings that I'd imbued them with. Of themselves, neither they nor the board had any significance.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“Boredom is vastly underrated. Boredom means that nothing is trying to kill you every day.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“Isolation was better than shame. I would continue on my own. This was my fight and no one else”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“Any future can be!” she replied, laughing at me. “If it were not so, if it were fixed, it would be a past. You say a foolish thing. How can a future be impossible?”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

“They need other people to make them think they’re alive. They only feel like they’re important if someone else tells them they are.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from Forest Mage

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