Quotes from I'm Not Scared

Niccolò Ammaniti ·  200 pages

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“Monsters don’t exist. It’s men you should be afraid of, not monsters.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“Piantala con questi mostri, Michele. I mostri non esistono. I fantasmi, i lupi mannari, le streghe sono fesserie inventate per mettere paura ai creduloni come te. Devi avere paura degli uomini, non dei mostri.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“Jesús le decía a Lázaro: "Levántate y anda". Pero Lázaro no se levantaba. "Levántate y anda", repetía Jesús. Pero Lázaro no reaccionaba. Jesús, que se parecía a Severino, el conductor del camión cisterna, se enfadaba. Menudo papelón. Cuando Jesús te dice levántate y anda, tienes que hacerlo, sobre todo si estás muerto. Pero Lázaro no hacía ni caso: seguía inmóvil. Entonces Jesús empezaba a zarandearlo como a un muñeco, y al fin Lázaro se levantaba y le daba un mordisco en el cuello. "Deja en paz a los muertos", decía con los labios chorreando sangre.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“Stop all this talk about monsters, Michele. Monsters don’t exist. It’s men you should be afraid of, not monsters.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“She was always on her feet. Cooking. Washing. Ironing.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“Maria mi si è sdraiata accanto. - Ho paura.
- Loro hanno paura.
- Perchè?
- Perchè urlano.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“He started touching me. 'How old are you?' He ran his hands over my nose, my mouth, my eyes. I was paralysed. 'Nine. What about you?' 'Nine.' 'When's your birthday?' 'The twelfth of September. And yours?' 'The Twentieth of November.' 'What's your name?' 'Michele. Michele Amitrano. What year are you in at school?' 'The fourth. What about you?' 'The fourth.' 'Same.' 'Same' 'I'm thirsty.' I gave him the bottle”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“- They're all dead. They're all dead and they live in holes like this one. And I'm in one too. Everybody. The world's a place full of holes with dead people in them. And the moon's a ball all full of holes too and inside them there are other dead people.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“Margherita Margheritone put the pot of water on the fire and the Wicked Witch emptied the sack into it and the little wash-bear jumped out and started biting both of them, went down into the yard and started eating the hens, and threw all the rubbish into the air.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

“One day a man's son was run over by a car and he was killed and all mangled up. The father couldn't go on living, he felt ill, he cried all day, he went to a wizard and gave him all his money to bring his son back to life. The wizard said: "Go home and wait. Your son will return tonight." The father waited, but the son did not come home, so in the end he went to bed. He was just falling asleep when he heard footsteps in the kitchen. He got up feeling very happy and saw his son, he was all mangle up and had one arm missing and his head was split open, with the brains running out and he said he hated him because he'd left him in the middle of the road to go with women and it was his fault he was dead.' 'So?' 'So the father got some petrol and set fire to him.' 'I don't blame him.' I threw and finally hit the target. 'Point!' 'Four-two.”
― Niccolò Ammaniti, quote from I'm Not Scared

About the author

Niccolò Ammaniti
Born place: in Roma, Italy
Born date September 25, 1966
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