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10+ quotes from Checkmate by Malorie Blackman

Quotes from Checkmate

Malorie Blackman ·  512 pages

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“But remember this if nothing else: I love you more than there are words or stars. I love you more than there are thoughts and feelings. I love you more than there are seconds or moments gone or to come. I love you.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“For once I didn't look away immediately. I forced myself to meet her contemptuous gaze. I allowed myself be swept away by it, to drown in it - the way I'd done so many times before. The way I would willingly do again. Because at least she was here to hate me. At least I had that. I watched my daughter conjure up the filthiest look in her vast arsenal before she turned away with complete disdain. I didn't mind that so much. It meant I could watch her, drink her in without her protest.
Look at our daughter, Callum. Isn't she beautiful, so very beautiful? She laughs like me, but when she smiles... Oh Callum, when she smiles, it's picnics in Celebration Park and sunsets on our beach and our very first kiss all over again. When Callie Rose smiles at me, she lights up my life.
When Callie Rose smiles at me.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“If you're naive - which means immature, inexperienced, or a bit thick - you get eaten alive.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“You remind me of a boy I used to know
Same Smile, same easy, laid-back style
And man, could he kiss
Blew my mind the very first time
His lips touched mine.
You remind me

You remind me of a boy I used to like.
Same eyes, strong arms, same open mind
And man, could he dance
Arms around me, lost in a trance
I'd hear his heart
You remind me

I'm scared of you
How did you find me?
Turn and walk away
'Cause you remind me

You remind me of a boy I used to love
Same laughter and tears, shared through the years
And man, how he felt

Made my bones more than melt
He touched my soul.
You remind me

I'm scared of you
How did you find me?
Turn and walk away
'Cause you remind me”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“When a chance for real happiness comes by, grab it with both hands and devour it. If it lasts five minutes or five lifetimes, it's still worth it.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“You have the same smile, the same shaped eyes, the same way of tilting your head to listen, the same stubborn streak, the same common sense. Lots of things about you and him are the same.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“But faith is so easy to hold onto when you don't need it. And so hard to find when you do.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“like a window had been thrown open inside my head and my heart, where there had been closed shutters before.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“He was constantly surprising me like that. I had thought I didn't like surprises, but I found I did when they came from him.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

“My dad was Callum McGregor. Hanged for political terrorism. Hanged for being a rapist and a murderer. Hanged for being a son of a bitch.”
― Malorie Blackman, quote from Checkmate

About the author

Malorie Blackman
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date February 8, 2018
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