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Jessica Shirvington ·  413 pages

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“Violet: "You're an asshole."
Onyx: "Thank you, it's something that took an eternity to perfect.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“We all have the capacity to find the will to do what must be done - even when that which we must do terrifies us most. Remember this.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“We would all believe in God if he served our every whim. Belief is not about an easy life or even truth. Belief is something you have regardless.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“Violet!' Lincoln said, then sighed. 'You don't love him. This isn't real. You know what's real and it's hard and it hurts and we can't...Damn it, Vi--we're real!”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“You do. You're most beautiful just after you've woken up. It's always my favorite time, when we go for a run I the morning and I get to see you first thing." He kept playing with my hair.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“It was like hacking through a thicket of raw tension whenever we were near each other.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“I was learning that people are, on the whole, more at ease believing in vampires or aliens than vengeful angels intent on a biblical Armageddon. Yes, we are naïve by choice.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, As without light, nothing flowers.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed

“It's been hard for me at times...the responsibility and expectation that comes with being a leader. I'm not always the one I wish I could be, that I should be, but nonetheless, it is my place. If I were to ever show a commitment to something other than my leadership, which could jeopardize the function I have, I would be risking too many lives. I couldn't live with that.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Enticed


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Jessica Shirvington
Born date April 15, 1979
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