Quotes from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

Jeff Kinney ·  224 pages

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“You and your group of nerds fall into a pit and it's full of dynamite and you blow up. The End.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“I don't know if this makes me a bad person or whatever, but it's hard for me to get interested in other people's vacations.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“Youre gonna grow up and marry some ice cream! Haha!”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“Chirag: Rowley, do you think I exist?

Rowley: Nope! I can't even hear you or see you!”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“Most people don't seem to appreciate a person as honest as me. So don't ask me how George Washington ever got to be president.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“After the presentations, we had to fill out these questionnaires. The first question was, 'Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?'
I know EXACTLY where I will be in fifteen years: in my pool, at my mansion, counting my money. But there weren't any check boxes for THAT option.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules

“Well, for starters, Abraham Lincoln didn't write 'To Kill a Mockingbird.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Roderick Rules


About the author

Jeff Kinney
Born place: in Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, The United States
Born date February 19, 2018
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