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5+ quotes from Devices and Desires by K.J. Parker

Quotes from Devices and Desires

K.J. Parker ·  635 pages

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“The quickest way to a man`s heart,' said the instructor, 'is proverbially through his stomach. But if you want to get into his brain, I recommend the eye-socket.”
― K.J. Parker, quote from Devices and Desires

“The world is full of annoyances, none more infuriating than a fool with a valid point.”
― K.J. Parker, quote from Devices and Desires

“It`s remarkable the truly stupid things people can do because it`s expected of them, or they think it`s expected of them.”
― K.J. Parker, quote from Devices and Desires

“When you come to rely on the written word, it's time to light the fire with it.”
― K.J. Parker, quote from Devices and Desires

“Bir şeyi yapmanın en çabuk, en kolay ve en ucuz yolu ilk seferinde düzgün yapmaktır.”
― K.J. Parker, quote from Devices and Desires

About the author

K.J. Parker
Born place: in The United Kingdom
Born date September 13, 1961
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