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Quotes from The Pairing

Katie Ashley ·  309 pages

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He held up his finger. “One second, babe. I gotta finish telling Pesh this story.”
“But my water broke.”
Without taking his eyes of Pesh, Aidan slid his glass of water over to her. “Here take mine.”
If the situation hadn’t been dire, Megan would have laughed at how oblivious Aidan was. Pesh leaned forward in his seat. “Um, Aidan, I think-“
He didn’t get a chance to finish. Instead, water splashed across the side of Aidan’s face. He shot out of his chair before whirling around to Emma. “What the hell, Em?”
“My. Water. Broke,” she muttered through gritted teeth.
“Oh shit,” he replied.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“I’d be anything and everything you wanted me to be, if you would give me the chance.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“We can barely be in the same room without conceiving, so it’s just inevitable that she’ll get pregnant again.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Megan, I’m pretty sure none of my family is going to break out into song like in a Bollywood movie tonight,” he said, with amusement ringing in his voice.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“You’re not the type of man to fuck,” she countered.
His brows shot up. “Oh really? I’m too nice of a guy?”
“Something like that.”
“I’m a man, Megan. We all have needs. Isn’t fucking one of them?”
Her body trembled slightly at his words. She licked her lips before replying, “S-Stop saying that word-it isn’t you.”
“So fucking isn’t me? Don’t tell me you think I’m totally asexual – that you can’t imagine me fucking a woman…fucking you.” He eased in closer to her. “We both know for a fact that you wanted nothing more than to fuck me the night of Noah’s baptism. Given the chance right now, you’d let me strip off your scrubs and fuck you up against the medicine cabinet.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Aidan and Pesh are not in the same league of men. I love Aidan, but he’s not necessarily a gentleman. Pesh is.”
“Yeah, but you’re a lady.”
Maybe in the street, but she’s one hell of a freak in the bedroom,” Aidan said behind them.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“If I take you, I’ll be making love to you. I’ll have you begging and pleading, but you’ll be coming so many times you’ll lose count. You’ll understand the difference between a quick tumble and the all-consuming power of a physical connection fueled by an emotional one.”
She rapidly blinked her blue eyes in disbelief while her cheeks flushed. “Oh God, did you actually just say that?”
“I did.” He gave her a teasing smile. “And you’ll be calling out my name more than his.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“She wants me for sex but not for a relationship, okay?”
Aidan’s mouth gaped open. “You mean, she’s acting like…a dude?”
“If you mean that she has pretty much refused to go to dinner with me or any other honourable event that a man and woman can partake in on a date and instead she would rather pursue a strictly physical relationship, then the answer is yes.”
“My God, it’s like she’s turned into the old me,” Aidan muttered.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Believe me when I say I won’t have sex with you like this. I would never disrespect you so much as to not make love to you like you deserve.”
She blinked a few times as if she was having a hard time processing words. “Regardless of what you have going on in that head of yours, you are better than that. You deserve a man who will take his time with you and show you what pleasure through making love really is.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Let me give you this pleasure. I want nothing more than to see you come apart.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“If I take you, I’ll be making love to you. I’ll have you begging and pleading, but you’ll be coming so many times you’ll lose count.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Got a hero complex, huh? Wanna be every woman’s knight in shining armor?”
“Not every woman’s,” he murmured.
“Mmm, Pesh, you wanna be my knight in shining armor?” As soon as the words left her lips, she fought the urge to slap her hand over her mouth. Alcohol always had this effect on her-it left her completely without a sensor.
Pesh’s jaw clenched, and he didn’t reply. Pitching her upper body over the armrest, she got as close to him as she could. “You didn’t answer my question.”
Taking his eyes momentarily off the road, he pinned her with an intense gaze. “I’d be anything and everything you wanted me to be, if you would give me the chance.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

“Now you know. I worry about my hair, and you get your freak on in the bedroom.”
― Katie Ashley, quote from The Pairing

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