Quotes from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

Rinsai Rossetti ·  290 pages

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“He had an extraordinarily casual air about him. I'd noticed that before, when he had tossed himself out the window.”
― Rinsai Rossetti, quote from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

“I frowned. Evidently, Sangris wasn't a cat who could shape-shift. It was more difficult than that. He was a nothing who occasionally pretended to be a cat. "I wish I could know what it's like for myself, that's all," I said. I felt rather the way a jail inmate would if a bird flew up and shouted through her window bars: This freedom thing? Yeah, not so great.
― Rinsai Rossetti, quote from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

“I used to come here to think," he told me, landing beside the tree. It was so short that my head was only a few inches above his.
"Sangris," I said in shock, "you think? When did this start?”
― Rinsai Rossetti, quote from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

“Then I got to my feet, and, taking my arms, he drew me out of my picture frame, into the darkness and the heat, to a place where the ground was frighteningly, thrillingly far away, and the sunless sky was burning and trembling all around us.”
― Rinsai Rossetti, quote from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

“I rely on a backbone of books and, for the most part, it's enough to keep me quiet, half-drugged with dreams of imaginary worlds.”
― Rinsai Rossetti, quote from The Girl with Borrowed Wings

About the author

Rinsai Rossetti
Born place: in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Born date November 9, 2018
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