Quotes from Demonspawn

Christina Engela ·  105 pages

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“Everybody is unique and different. Nobody is the same as anyone else. there is no 'normal' - it is a lie taught to us by a system so flawed that it is threatened by the awesome diversity of nature.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“You are strong, tempered like steel in the fire and by the blows of the hammer of life. Nothing will break you again, only make you stronger and more whole. Perfection is the pride of those who have not lived, who know not these things in their arrogance. They remain the same - raw and without form. The hammer never touches them, and they lie on the shelf, gathering dust, slowly tarnishing and fading and crumbling. the blows of the hammer in the fire refine us into bright shining glory for the roles we play in life - until we are one with the anvil, becoming immune to the hammer's little knocks, and smile at it.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Even when you're down, there is still hope. No matter how bad things get and no matter how small a hope there is, anything is better than nothing, No matter how bad things get, they can always, ALWAYS get worse. Take my word on that.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Freedom is being whole on my own and not needing somebody else to complete me.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“It's amazing, the increase in grammatical errors in proportion to the level of hatred in the content of hate mail.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“As far as I am concerned, bigotry in strawberry or vanilla flavor is still bigotry.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“I note the lengths to which Christianist groups are prepared to go to, to influence government and to network hate-churches in order to get their way and to rob people of their human rights, and it gives me cold chills.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“While many people define being a man or a woman as being dependent on reproductive capacity, it is worth noting (should such a superficial argument present itself) that there are many males and females who are born male or female and cannot reproduce either. Are they to be considered 'not male' and 'not female'? Or does that only apply to transgender people?”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“I can understand backward patriarchal reasoning coming from a male, but from a woman - and of all people, a leader of women? It says something profound about leadership - and, if anything - what it says about followers is not very flattering at all.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Christianity is constantly in danger of being hijacked by people who act out in hatred - by people who will not even hear the cries of their victims, let alone own up to their guilt.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“The simple truth is that the only real 'ex-gay' person is a dead gay person - and even then I am not too sure about the validity of that statement.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Interestingly enough, every time I corner a fanatic with scientific facts which they cannot argue or disprove, they either dismiss me as 'anti-God' and a 'secular humanist' or they start spouting reams of misapplied and irrelevant 'scripture' at me, like good little sheeple and like that will in any way, shape or form prove anything... Which just proves to me that common sense and actual reason doesn't come into it. Only hatred.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Who is an elected government in a constitutional democracy to decide it will not tolerate dissent.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Sabotage isolated them from their home, thwarting any hope of outside help. Frantic, unreliable sightings of frightening things – horrible things - led to chaos. The crew, terrified, opted to die fighting and went hunting for their attacker. Kaine’s only regret was that they found it.
It killed them all.
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“It is quite ironic that those calling the loudest for 'morality' are typically the most immoral of all.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Joe!” he groaned, attempting to speak clearly. “Joe! Good ol’ Joe!”
“Captain, you’re drunk!” Lofflin said, stating the obvious while trying to keep his voice level. Blaine grinned at him lopsidedly and giggled, almost choking. He slapped the table, knocking his empty glass over.
“Ye-ss, I am! Don’t ssup-pose you – think I co-uld ssit here an’ calmly wait t’die – dýou? Weee-ll, not ssob-er anyway. Ha ha ha.”
Disgust and hopelessness were swelling inside him. He felt like punching that drunken face till it was either sober or unconscious.
“Damn it, Captain! We need you – the crew needs you! You’re turning your back on them – in our most desperate time!”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“The machine demanded access codes. As he entered the first, a faint whispering sound startled him, causing him to snatch up the sweep laser. All was silent again. It had sounded like metal on metal. Could he have imagined it? He listened intently.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Friends for life?

Why? How long have I got?”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“Who is the more courageous? The big, tough gay-basher, or the LGBTI person who faces their threats on a daily basis and carries on being honest about who they are regardless?”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“The weapon he held in his sweaty grip was one of a small consignment of prototypes received at the last port of call. The experts said it was the most powerful hand weapon in the known universe. He choked. That would soon be put to the test!”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn

“One of the eternal truths of life - People who ask "do you know who I am?" will always, given half a chance, tell you.”
― Christina Engela, quote from Demonspawn


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Christina Engela
Born place: in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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