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8+ quotes from Deathwish by Rob Thurman

Quotes from Deathwish

Rob Thurman ·  336 pages

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“Memories - you can't escape them, but you can't let them rule you either.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“I'd be a monster fighter who rode the bus. It didn't get any more bad-ass than that.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“You're so very good at that. The temper, the scowl. You must drink shots of testosterone in your morning coffee.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“Fall leaves are brilliant with gold and red. You can cup them in your hand and wonder at them, be amazed at their uniqueness and glory. But eventually they are gone, brown, crumbling, scattered on the wind. But the tree remains. The tree is what is important. The tree lives on. That was a difficult knowledge to bear, and an even more difficult life to live. Of course, being the leaf wasn't exactly desirable either.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“They don't have to choose either/or. They can have their cake and mutilate it too.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“If there is no trust, there is nothing. Trust is all.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“All I cared was that she had never lied. She was honest in a world just the opposite, and a cool oasis in my life. She was who she said she was, and everything Sophia, my mother, the pathologically manipulative liar, had never been.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

“And he had it all over Octavian, let me tell you. Hung like a Pegasus, he was.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Deathwish

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