13+ quotes from Stand by A.L. Jackson

Quotes from Stand

A.L. Jackson ·  411 pages

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“I lose my head when I’m with you.”
… “And I find myself when I’m with you.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Fall with me,” I whispered.
He leaned down, lips just brushing mine, and Zachary Kennedy murmured his truth.
“I already jumped.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Sometimes it gets old, living in the shadows. Somehow they’re not quite so dark when you’re around.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Tell me you need me, Alexis. Tell me you need this as fucking bad as I do. Tell me it’s okay. Tell me I’m not the only one who’s losing his mind.” The words grated, rugged and fuelled by need.
Emotion thickened in my throat, so heavy, so right. “I need you.”
The last threads of whatever was holding Zee back snapped.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Guess I imagined being a part of a feeling that could be brought to life in people’s imaginations and eyes”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“This man, who’d rushed in to hold together all the splintering pieces of my world and forced them back together before they were completely destroyed and unrepairable.

I felt bound to him in an unfathomable way.
As if when he’d been holding those splintering pieces together, the man had managed to chip away a small piece of my soul. A piece that would permanently belong to him.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“I want things that will only ruin me, Alexis. But you…you make me want to wish for them anyway. Make me believe there’s a chance that maybe they could belong to me.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Fuck…Alexis…Lex. I need you…God, I need you so bad I can’t fucking see.”
“I think I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted. Not in all my life.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Chains were a bitch. But sometimes they were the only things tying us to what was most important.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“That’s the thing, Alexis. I see you looking at me the way you do. Like we could be somethin’. And I want it so fucking bad. To be something to you. To be good for you. But I ruined that possibility a long time ago and I’m not sure there are enough pieces left to give any of them to you. That’s my truth.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Can’t get you out of my mind, Lex. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t get you out. You’ve gotten under my skin. So deep. So fucking deep.”
My fingers sank into the bristling muscle of his shoulders. “Why would you want to stop thinking of me? Don’t you feel this?”
His voice was pained. “Don’t you get it yet? That’s the problem. I feel everything. I want you so goddamned bad, and I can’t ever have you.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“You make me want to be better. You…you make me forget. Make me forget who I am.”
… “Maybe you’re just remembering who you are. Who you were always supposed to be.”
… He groaned, half pained, half demand. “You almost make me feel like him.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

“Is that what you feel? Like you’re invisible?” That connection I didn’t understand flamed within my chest. Building and intensifying. “Because you’re the only thing I see.” He flinched. “That’s the problem with all of this.”
― A.L. Jackson, quote from Stand

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