Quotes from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

Maria La Serra ·  239 pages

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“We are all on stage, my dear. Sometimes we forget our lines, but luckily an offstage helper can whisper our lines to us until we get back on track.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“Dear girl with the red scarf,
Love was never meant to be conquered. You have to surrender to it.
Trust me, after all, I am Mr. Universe.
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“Dear girl with the red scarf,
People will come and go in our lives. Most of them we won’t give a second thought to as soon as the door closes behind them. But I had always imagined that you would leave the deepest, everlasting mark.
-Mr. Universe.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“She was magic, a direct light—the kind that seeps through in places that didn’t exist inside him anymore. The light he thought he lost forever, but Nick realized we don’t lose the light, we absorb it, and with Olivia he wanted to absorb every small speck of it.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“I could tell you, but you should never trust what someone says about themselves. It’s something you need to see for yourself.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“He stood there watching for a moment, not able to move. Even with her mascara running down her face and her hair beginning to frizz, she was still by far the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on. It was quite simple, wasn’t it? This great affection he had for Olivia was so overwhelming he chose to walk away instead of being brutally honest with himself.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“Yes, she is.” His eyes remained on Olivia, but she wasn’t aware he was watching her. “With art, I believe anything created with profound heart is captured compulsively beautifully.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

“You must not love yourself. I’ll tell you, mademoiselle … your life belongs to you. Only a matter of treating your life a little better and maybe life would treat you better in return.”
― Maria La Serra, quote from The Proverbial Mr. Universe

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Maria La Serra
Born place: in Canada
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