Quotes from Darkness Before Dawn

J.A. London ·  342 pages

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“I like you, Dawn. I've seen a lot of humans, from far away and up close. I've never met one like you. I think you're the closest thing to a sunrise I'll ever see.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“The movie is all illusion. How people wish things were.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“Victor smiles. "I'll catch you before you even slip.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“In four hundred years, I’ve never dreamed. Vampires don’t. But after I saved you on the trol ey that night, you invaded my sleep. In my dreams, we’re the same. We can touch, kiss, love. And every dream ends with us … being together forever.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“For most vampires, it's an automatic response - scent blood, fangs drop.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“The vampires took everything from me, but I'm looking into the eyes of one who has the power to give me back a reason to live, who can heal my gaping hole of sorrow.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“I start to cross the street, stop, turn back. "You are not what I thought."
He smiles. A devastatingly beautiful smile.
I race across the street to my apartment building, to home, to safety. Because that smile scares me for reasons I can't explain. I only know that it makes me want to see him smile again.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

“For some reason, I thought Victor could heal that wound better than anyone else. It's strange to think that this vampire, the embodiment of all my hatred, could act like a suture.”
― J.A. London, quote from Darkness Before Dawn

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