30+ quotes from Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey

Quotes from Blood Moon

Alyxandra Harvey ·  320 pages

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“Oh Crap," Connor muttered. "She's going Darth Vader on us.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“And then Lucy happened.
Never mind prophecies and bounty hunters, she was the one who'd really turned my life upside down.... She made everything better.
She was necessary.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“what happens when all you love, becomes all you hate?”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“He kissed me as if we had all the time in the world, as if it weren’t cold outside, as if winter weren’t coming, or the dawn, or any of the dangers that waited for us outside this field. I kissed him back as if he were right, as if there were only the two of us, as if the only worry we had were my curfew.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“With her long dark hair and green eyes, she was pretty as a doll. You know, the kind of doll that came to life at night to kill monsters.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I knew damn well if Lucy broke up with me I'd still love her until I turned to dust.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“What is it?' I whispered. 'What's wrong?'
'Everything but you,' he said hoarsely.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Why couldn’t we just lose ourselves in the fire again? When passion was enough, and the questions didn’t matter.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“She´s mine, broken or not,” he said darkly.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I´m with you, but Lucy?” He sounded dark and baleful. “Lucy´s mine.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Get the hell away from her.” “I mean it Solange,” he said, his jaw clenching. “Get off her. Now.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“i knew if lucy broke up with me i would love her til i turned to dust”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Chloe's fingers flew over her keyboard. I raised an eyebrow at Hunter. "Is she Googling hunter-assholes? I doubt they have their own Web page."
Chloe snorted. "You'd be surprised."
"She's hacking the school files," Hunter said. "She does it all the time."
"Don't they have security for that kind of thing?"
Chloe snorted again. "Please." I knew that tone. Connor used it whenever someone called his computer mojo into question.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“How are they different from the other hunters? Besides their barbaric fashion sense?"
"They're not Helios-Ra," Hunter explained. "They do their own thing."
"That's pretty much what Nicholas said," I admitted.
"Drives the teachers nuts," Chloe said smugly. "Whenever they threaten to fail us, we threaten to become Huntsmen."
"You threaten that," Hunter said drily. "The rest of us just do our homework.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Hunter paused on the bottom step. "Stay between Chloe and me, and only step where I step."
I stared at her. "Why? Are there bombs?" You just never knew with this school.
"Just don't want to get caught roaming after hours," Hunter explained. She darted nimbly up the staircase, avoiding certain steps.
"School's bugged," Chloe whispered from behind me.
"Is that even legal?"
"Who would we tell?"
I flashed her a grin. "My mom. She could picket and protest this school into a mass of quivering fear."
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I was going to see if you wanted to join. I think it would be good to have your perspective, just coming into the school and everything. You might see stuff we don't even notice anymore."
"You mean other than the fact that I'm surprised you guys don't run around in black capes and call each other Van Helsing?"
"Yes." She rolled her eyes. "Other than that.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Madame Vernoique arched an eyebrow imperiously. "Due to being exiled, your parents have been ... isolated in these mountains."
"Did she just call us hillbillies?" Quinn drawled.
"Hey," Duncan broke in mildly. "Some of my friends are hillbillies."
"Are they horror-movie mountain folk like us?"
"I'll be sure to ask Bryn next time I see her.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“A girl in long pigtails nearly closed the door on her thumb as I approached. Her friend nudged her. She nudged back. They whispered furiously to each other. I overheard a lot of "you ask her" and "no, you ask her". And then the second girl shoved her friend right into my path, solving the argument.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Let's start with the basics." He pulled a worn Helios-Ra guidebook of the top of the pile of books next to his laptop. "You got one of these in your orientation packet, right?"
"I already had a copy," I replied. I'd picked Kieran's pocket this summer for it, to be precise. I had my own profile in the cream-colored pages.
Tyson flushed. "Oh. Right. I forgot you're in it."
"I'm famous," I agreed blandly. "Just this morning someone locked me in a bathroom stall."
He flushed even redder.
"Are you blushing?"
He cleared his throat. "No."
I grinned. "You are adorable."
"Uh ..."
"Relax, I'm dating the undead, remember."
"Stop teasing poor Tyson," Jenna said from behind me.
I tilted my head to look up at her. "But it's fun."
Jenna hiked her hip on the table and swung her sneaker-clad foot. "You're going to give him a coronary."
We both turned to grin at him, waiting for his retort. He just looked slightly nauseated.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“So what are you guys doing?"
"Tyson is tutoring me."
Jenna burst out laughing. "Oh, Tyson. You're screwed."
"Hey!" I pinched her.
She just scooted across the table and dropped into an empty chair. "This I have to see.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I eyed her. "You know I hang out with vampires, right? You could be scared of me like the others."
She scoffed. "You and your pretty boys don't scare me."
Jenna's mocking tone was soothing. If it wasn't for her and Hunter and Chloe, this whole transition thing would have been even worse. "Shush," I scolded her primly. "I am learning about the weirdo League of hunters who think they're in a comic book."
"Your family now too."
I drew back, horrified. "Excuse me, but after my parents, the Drakes are family. You lot are riffraff."
"The riffiest."
"That's not a word."
"Is so."
"What's it mean?"
Jenna glanced at Tyson. "Help me out here, Ty. You're the smart one."
He just shook his head. "Are you two always like this?"
Jenna and I exchanged mischievous smiles.
"We're just getting started. But I think we might be," I said.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“We have treaties with some vampire tribes. And we also have several more departments, at the academy and at the college. And in the League at large as well. Things like Tech and Supernatural Studies."
"What about Vampire Relations?" I asked. Especially with the local newspapers now reporting on the increase in missing persons. Apparently the last time something like this happened was in the eighties. "We need that. I could totally do that."
"Making out with your hot boyfriend doesn't count toward your grade," Jenna teased.
I shook my head. "I knew this place was all wrong.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“He turned off his bike, pocketing his keys. "I don't need a baby-sitter, Hunter."
"No, you're special. You need three," I broke in. "There are three girls waiting for you on your doorstep, Black. Aw. Poor you."
He shook his head. "You're a pain in my ass, Hamilton."
I grinned. "I practiced on seven vampire brothers, remember? I could give classes.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“And I brought chocolate," Chloe added, tossing him an extra bar from her bag.
I eyed her. "Hey, you said you were out."
"I lied."
Hunter snorted. "She also stole that chocolate from my stash."
Chloe was cheerfully unrepentant. "You're running low by the way."
Hunter smirked. "I have another stash you don't know about.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Ready?" Quinn asked when Sky wandered off and we couldn't avoid the family tent anymore.
"Hell, no."
"Me neither."
Mom and Dad waited just inside the tent flap. The light from the oil lamps glinted off fangs, narrowed eyes, and Mom's weapon collection.
"Congratulations." Dad spoke first, his voice soft as smoke before it fills your lungs. "I honestly don't know which of my children I'm angriest with right now.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I'm fine."
I ground my teeth. "I swear if I hear that from you or Solange one more time I'm duct-taping your mouths shut."
"Can I duct-tape yours shut?"
I grinned. "Like that would stop me.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Can we just do this recon thing?"
"I can multitask," I assured him, peering into the shadows of the first alley we passed. "Cat, raccoon in Dumpster, smell of pee," I catalogued for him. " See? Now talk.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“I yawned so widely a bear could’ve mistaken my mouth for a cave and crawled in to hibernate for the winter.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“The vampires, wounded and annoyed, scaled the brick wall and vanished over the rooftops. I stopped shrieking. The silence thrummed around us. My throat was raw.
Kieran rubbed his ears. "Is there blood? Am I blind?"
"Don't you mean deaf?" I croaked.
"No." He half smiled. "You scream louder than mere ear damage.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

“Nicholas came up beside me. "Damn it, Sol. Ever heard of the speed limit?"
"Oh, right, coming from the guy who got three speeding tickets the first week he had his license."
"That's different." At least he had the grace to look sheepish.”
― Alyxandra Harvey, quote from Blood Moon

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