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13+ quotes from Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Quotes from Because You'll Never Meet Me

Leah Thomas ·  344 pages

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“Please follow these instructions:
1. Stack the pages of this letter neatly.
2. Roll the pages up into a cylinder.
3. Smack yourself over the head with it.
4. Repeat. You complete ass.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Maybe the reason people avoid you is because the emotions your brain sends out when you click are kind of... negative emotions?

Maybe you're clicking unhappiness at people, and they're sending it back in echoes.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Let me tell you a wondrous story. For once, let me be the shining one. It is springtime. Birds are noisiest now. I can almost see the shape of the sky.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Maybe we're on the wrong side of some metaphorical bridge where the grass is crusty and not grass at all, but sharp little spines of glass. I dunno, Moritz.
But the one little speck of green that I get is your letters, so please never stop writing me.
You got that?
Never stop.

Because you'll never meet me and it's the closest we can get.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Wait, how do most people make friends? I've only done it once. There has to be an easier way of going abouit it than getting thrown around and bleeding all over the place. But both of us went through that. So maybe...

Nosebleeds = Friendship Maybe friends are drawn to bloodsheed. You know. Like sharks.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Auburn-Stache. Am I selfish?"
"I've never met a soul that wasn't. I've met a lot of people who don't bother wondering.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Let me put it more artistically, with greater sophistication:
They left us in the toilet. In the deepest pile of shit. And we're coated in the crappy residue of their desicions. But that does not mean we are the one who pooped, Moritz. And neither are we the poop.

Never think that. We're not the poop.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“I know that there's a customary cliche about librarians being what crass people might call "hard-asses".”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“The eyes are windows to the soul”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Sana süper kahramanlığı hedef almamız gerektiğini söylediğimi biliyorum ama belki de haklısındır. Belki de önce normalliği hedeflemeliyiz.Normalliğin imkansız bir şey olması çok yazık .”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“Even if you are powerless, your words are not”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“I am not afraid that you will hurt me. If you do, the scars won't last for eternity. People hurt each other all the time. Especially when they care for each other.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

“I want to read all the books that made you, Ollie Ollie UpandFree.”
― Leah Thomas, quote from Because You'll Never Meet Me

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