5+ quotes from Ashes and Ice by Rochelle Maya Callen

Quotes from Ashes and Ice

Rochelle Maya Callen ·  284 pages

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“We cry in our own rooms, remembering a man who will never be here again.The house creaks. Maybe it feels the weight of our grief, maybe the floorboards are buckling because the burden is too heavy.”
― Rochelle Maya Callen, quote from Ashes and Ice

“Love is a sliver of sunlight peeking through the darkness; a whisper of hope when all is lost.”
― Rochelle Maya Callen, quote from Ashes and Ice

“Jade is my everything: my wings, my roots, my sky. I am in love with her.
And she tried to kill me.
Now that is some messed up shit right now.”
― Rochelle Maya Callen, quote from Ashes and Ice

“People can change... no matter where they come from, no matter where they think they ought to go, people can make their own way.”
― Rochelle Maya Callen, quote from Ashes and Ice

“ Wasting time is a stupid thing to do in this big ol' ugly world.”
― Rochelle Maya Callen, quote from Ashes and Ice

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